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Love Plz.

Ironic that the first drawing that's actually decent I completely drew by myself - no reference - is ecchi of a character representing of myself.

It's for my fanboys. ;D

I like the kimono though. <3

And go read ~Stryks89's comic!!

(this isn't to be marked with mature content, right?)
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. . . *twitch*

... I think it's best that I do not delve further into this gallery. For both our sakes, before I risk disgracing myself.

(Again, awesome, I liek the blend of colors and the pattern on the Kimono :o)
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Thanks :3
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(You're welcome :P
What do you use for the colors and such? Photoshop? If you do, tools in it? o.o

I SRSLY need to learn how to draw better, even if just as a hobby. I guess I should focus on perspective and anatomy before colors, I have problems with drawing non-flat images, though I'm improving :iconexcitedplz:)
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I use paint shop pro 9 for this, and I currently have paint shop pro 11 now. It's like photoshop, but cheaper. =p I end up using the pen tool for the lineart, and the airbrush with mid opacity (30%-50%) for shading.
I'm not a fan of my art either, actually most of my gallery are collabs (the ones feature my character, which you like, are 100% mine though) between me and :iconsweetjanie:. I wish I could draw better myself.
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I'm just going to break my OOC is parenthesis rule here :P

Ah, cool, might look into that o.O
Collabs aren't bad, and I think your art is quite good. :noes:
I might even watch you with my main :XD: (although I don't check deviations much anymore because I'm flooded with them)
Ah, cool :D

Well, you actually have a good/great grasp on anatomy, expressions and clothing though o.o
When I draw something, it either has to be simple shapes, or a shape I define. A lot of my gallery are things I made up, and if I do screw up drawing them I can make an excuse and change the design to that :P
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Lol, thanks for the flattery. Haven't really done anything in months though, I used to do Naruto but I got really bored with it because I fell out of love with the series, and I haven't been able to get into Soul Eater with :iconsweetjanie: as much as we both have wished. I also got distracted with boyfriend too. :P

Lol, I know what that's like. It's prolly one of the reasons I started anew with this account, my original account was ~Reyairia, which I left after I stopped playing sonic games. I might get back to that but prolly not until a game of theirs appear with at least a 7.5 rating.
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... no offense, but Naruto sucks (at least I think it does) xD;
Ah, that sucks. Heh, cool :P

*looks* You were really into Sonic o.O
Yeah, the latest Sonic games suck -.-
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Well, it was good for the first 20 mangas, and yeah; the anime sucks because it's full of fillers and flashbacks and crap just to make it longer (which, after 12 years of manga, it does not need). After the timeskip it just kinda went to crap with inconsistencies, plotholes, sexism, you name it.

Yeah, they do. Although I have to admit Heroes would have been many times better if each team had their own levels instead of the same old recycled ones.
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@ Mic: Turns out you're right about me (at least now >.>;).
*puts on fanboy sunglasses*
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... fanboy sunglasses?
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Yes. It's a thing/phrase Ridley came up with awhile ago to represent the cool fanboys/girls out there. :cool:
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Yeppers :), and just seeing this "Love plz" image of Rey was awesome enough for Ridley to put his fanboy sunglasses on. :cool:
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Marvelous for this critique thing...uhh *thinks of something smart to say*...weell...the only things I usually critique on is the obvious..'cause it's easier that way, okay!? xO you know what wrong..then meh job is done..*iz totally not making sense for the heck of it* :)
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Dont let Stryk's see th- O no... its too late.
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Don't worry, the restriction order says 10 meters.
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I love her kimono! Nice job! :clap:
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You know what's really smexy?
A restraining order. >D
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lol, oh and it;s nowhere near mature content worthy. I could find links to stuff that is mature content worth but you know... I don't want to.
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Hahaha, yeah. I got the message.
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There's nothing mature in this :rofl: And it isn't ecchi at all xDDD To me, at least. .__.

Should I draw something really ecchi for your fanboys? >X3
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