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Cute Ridley is cute.

Why do people think I'm weird for saying Ridley is cute? :?:

Also, this time the lineart belongs to Katorze, who got banned from dA for wrong reasons. :I

Ridley belongs to Nintendo.
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Awww :D He's adorable.
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I finding ridley too cut i want that as pet ^-^
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Ridley IS cute. End of story XD
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Awww cute Ridley! I love Ridley so much! =3
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who doesn't love Ridley?

Well of course not Samus and the species he genocided but...
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gives ridley a gient masseve glomp! i loves you so much ridley
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No way, Ridley is a scary, merciless dragon! ...Who...has big puppy-dog eyes...<3
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He just needs a hug.
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lol that's cute. <3
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Aww! Don't worry, I think he's cute too!:dummy:
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I was just told he was ugly. =(
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Well, it depends on how you draw him, but other than that, I think that he's cute!:meow:
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That Ridley is really cute! I love it.:hug: He sure deserve love, well... he killed a lot of people though. But I would ask him for a autograph when I had the chance to meet him. :D
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Are you people stalking me or something? WHERE DID YOU GET THAT
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*hides camera*
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I'm beginning to lose count of people stalking me :|
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OMGOMGOMG! adorable ridley is adorable...I agree with you, I always liked ridley and tought of him as...misunderstood
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I think most villains are to a degree.
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ridley isn't just cute, he is super adorable!
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