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Did you know that Ariel really existed ^^?
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Wow - looks like it could be a real Rococo painting! :)
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Real finearts bro.

That made her realistic as a mermaid or at least a human mermaid
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A realistic portriat of her was not only a fantastic idea, the details and "humanizing" aspects of Ariel's features show amazing skill. You did an amazing job.
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The details in her dress are gorgeous! This is a fantastic picture!
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That's beautiful! And who is this real Ariel?
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there is an Ariel in one of Shakespeare's plays: Ariel
 The Tempest. a powerful soul who tends to give power over to others.  love to help and often feel indebted to those who are kind to you. Ariel is playful, friendly, and fiercely loyal. When you can shake off the feelings of guilt, you are a joyful, free spirit.
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Oooh, interesting, thanks!
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Absolutely beautiful.
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing....
Featured in Daily Inspirations at hangaroundtheweb.com/2014/01/d…
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Very beautiful rendering!! I can see Ariel there- her face looks very similar to how the character looks!
Juel Jen's "Portrait of a Woman" www.arthermitage.org/Jens-Juel…
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Do you plan on selling this as a print? I'd love to have that in my living room!
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so freaking awesome
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This is the best most realistic prettiest picture of Ariel I've ever seen!
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wow this is really good!
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I want to see the original so I can see what you did. 
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This is beautiful
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was it a painting that's been altered? 
you can tell that the hair is different from the rest of the picture because the cracks do not extend past the hair the way they would on a normal painting from the era it looks to be painted in. 
while extraordinarily well done it clashes with itself so i was wondering. and the seashell kinda gives it away.
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Haha I believe it was. Its Jen Juel's Portrait of a Woman :)
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