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billboard: THANK YOU


My rainbow llamas* and I are very excited. Thanks a lot!  :heart:

6 frames ~ pixel pushing and animation manually done in GIMP by me
*Their fur has at least two colors of the rainbow and they can also change those in cases of particular joy.

here I am - my first ''Tabbymote'' In case you like - here are some more of that kind:
       billboard: WELCOME       billboard: BRAVO       billboard: MY PLEASURE       billboard: CONGRATS       billboard: GOOD LUCK       billboard: TOP SECRET 

All of my deviations that are llama related can be found in a special folder of my galery :heart:

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Oh the people you'll meet when following a llama.
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ohh very beautiful!! ^^
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                                                  rainbow llama + necktie rainbow llama + bowtie billboard: THANK YOU rainbow llama + bowtie rainbow llama + sunglasses 

                                                               Ohlala ~ a lady-wink! 

                           ... also for the :+fav:     Tabby is happy about +fav 
Great job on the Llama emotes! 
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                       Aww - thank you so much, Brenda!   Tabbylove 

 ...     also  Tabby is happy about +fav for all the :+fav:'es  :heart:
My pleasure Honey! Have a beautiful day! Xoxox Brenda
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these are oh so cool thank you very much
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                                                       billboard: WELCOME 

                                 :heart:    So glad you like them!  
                                        Thanks for all the
:+fav:'es   Tabbymote thrilled 
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i really can't figure out how to use them. can you help?
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               When typing, there is a sign at the bottom of the window called 
               +AddMedia click it and the whole world of emoticons opens to you.

               You can scroll through the offichial emotes and all the other chat
               friendly ones. Searching for special emoticons can be done by 
               writing keywords (for example billboard will show you all of this 
               kind I made so far)  
               If you found what you wanted - click on the emote and it will 
               appear in your comment where the cursor is placed.

               Have fun!  feelin' the groove 
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I got it! :Duh: thanks very much.
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                                    YAY!  United States  feelin' the groove  Germany 

                                         COOL! YAY ~ WE DID IT! 
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                                 YAY! That's wonderful!        rainbow party 
            :heart:   Thank you for the lovely comment and  the llama!
         So it's good that there are 'some' more hiding in my gallery.

                                              What's up? by TanteTabata  
   As soon as this party of them is over, I'll send you one in return Ohlala ~ a lady-wink! by TanteTabata  
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