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billboard: GOOD LUCK


We wish you all the luck you need! Good Luck 

6 frames ~ pixel pushing and animation manually done in GIMP by me 
*Their fur has at least two colors of the rainbow and they can also change those in cases of particular joy.

here I am - my first ''Tabbymote'' In case you like - here are some more of that kind:

       billboard: THANK YOU    billboard: MY PLEASURE    billboard: WELCOME    billboard: CONGRATS    billboard: BRAVO   billboard: TOP SECRET 

     All of my deviations that are llama related can be found in a special folder of my galery :heart:

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thanks so much for more of your precious gifs!!! you are the best
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                                  Aww - you are such a talented charmer
                                            and I love it    Tabbylove 

                                         Thank you sooo much!  :tighthug:
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Mew Smilie Blush Forgive me for I know not what i doeth. If M'Lady Queen finds out i have been galavanting about town, particularly over to your Queendom, she shall banish me from her delicious servitude. I, perchance, risk the unbearable possibility of never being flogged by Her again. Please, gracious Queen TanteTabata, I beggeth of you that no one find out I have been gracing your pages with the words you so deserve,....

                                                                    for Manglenn by SaikoroSama Avarey by SaikoroSama
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             I don`'t want you to miss your long-awaited and well deserved lashes.
              Therefore I declare all your previous comments to be  > > >  billboard: TOP SECRET 

                                                         I want you soo badly! 
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