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United States

Do you remember my little group of nation-jumpers bouncing together in the shape of a smilie-face?
I thought it might be nice to have them separately, too.
Since they are chat-friendly I might use one for my long overdue signature :D

If you are looking for a specific version you can take a peek in my galery.
I made an own folder for them called „nation-jumpers“ and if they are liked I might create and add some new ones in future for to let the international family grow :giggle:
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                                           Thank you!  :heart:

Tabby is happy about +fav 
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Yup!  :nod:                                    United StatesUnited States      Yee-haw! . . . I'll catch ya . . .    Yeehaaa!      United StatesUnited States 
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is this ok to use on our page? it just looks so cute!
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Thank you, dear!

It's okay to use it on DevArt.

In comments you can easily add them like the other emotes by using the "+ Add Media"-function (searching for "jumper" and the nation should bring it up)  China Portugal Australia Japan Germany Canada United Kingdom United States   have fun!

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YAY! A Paaaarty    United States    Germany    :groove: revamp feelin' the groove 
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Oh Yeah Huge Paaaarty !! 
United States    Germany  :stereo:  :groove: revamp feelin' the groove 
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I can't wait for the Canada and Australia nation-jumpers.
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Thanks a lot for the :+fav:'es   :tighthug:

A little secret  Gossips revamped 
You don't need to wait long for Canada - it's already warming up for its appearance   Ohlala ~ a lady-wink! 
(Australia will last a bit longer but is already on my to-do-list)
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*unsqueezes myself from your glomptastic hug* Ow...
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Guess who's just arrived?   -->    Canada
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Awesome! :squee: Do you have a Japan nation jumper?
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Not yet, but I'll put it on my to-do-list if you like here I am - my first ''Tabbymote'' 
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Okay! :heart: Thank you so much :iconaawplz:
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Here we are - hope you like it  Japan


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:iconcute-plz: Thank you soooo much I love it!!! Wow that's awesome~!!
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No prob - you are very welcome :tighthug:
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