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... has lead to my uneventful return. It only makes sense that the two things Deviant Art includes, computers and art, are exactly what the job that I got have been keeping me busy with. I somehow got a job at an art gallery.  I keep thinking that someone else would be better for the job, but I'm there for the my "mad" komputer skillz.
So to anyone who missed me I just have to say, "huh?"
The museum I volunteer at just had an opening of an Andre de Dienes exhibit last night. He was the man who gave Marilyn Monroe her first modeling job back when she was Norma Jean.  If you're in the Denver area I suggest checking out the exhibit, which is open until Halloween. It has much of the first Marilyn shoot along with other stars, some nudes, and 1940s Native American photos. (Besides all the other famous originals by other artists).
I'm not much of a photographer, as my gallery attests, but I really loved my Grandpa's photos. Now that I've been exposed to famous artists I finally have another favorite photographer: Phil Borges. He has amazing work including a series of Tibettan photos including the Dalai Lama. There's also a range of photos from all over the world that he put together in a book put together for Amnesty international. His work is really worth checking out.
I put up some more things on my site. There's a mp3 of Mouri's actor speaking (from when I took that bad picture in my scraps), and also a magic eye puzzle (it's in katakana, so it won't make much sense if you don't know it).

Although my site isn't really getting any hits off of here, I thought I'd offer for people to suggest anything they'd like to see. I won't be doing anime coverage (beyond the movies) since it's so well covered elsewhere.  But anything more manga related is up for grabs.

Well, off to take some more pictures...


:icondetectiveconan: :icondetectiveconan-club:
I had to go in and "edit" the work  (just said I wanted to change categories then entered it into the same one again) and it finally showed.

In other news, I got the "Case Closed"  Detective Conan dvds and after issues with the subtitles (what they say are subtitles are closed captions for the English, aparently you have to switch to the second subtitles to get the correct ones for the Japanese), in any case, they're rather decent, so I hope everyone who can will try out the show.

I love the voice actors a lot. Conan's actress, Takayami Minami, was actually in Aoyama's mind when he created the character.  But the real ace is Kamiya Akira. He used to do the "cool, handsome guy" voices in the 80s. Now he does Mouri absolutely perfectly.  I just put up a clip of him speaking to an audience at the  7th movie premier on my site (the link's right up there near the top of my page.) Check it out if you haven't heard him yet, or are a fan.
I imagine with nearly 8 million pictures it can't be easy running and maintaining DA. I guess part of this has resulted in my latest submission only showing in the gallery and not on the front page. It's from Detective Conan again.

In other Conan news:
I finally got around to reading some other Detective Conan sites (I didn't want to see any until I had my page pretty well set how I wanted it.) I'm surprised how many have just the basic characters. (Granted not all mine are finished, but they all have descriptions and a list of appearances.) I guess one of the main differences is I didn't find any others dedicated to the manga (that weren't scanlation oriented).  If anyone knows of a good site in English about the manga I would love to see it.

:icondetectiveconan: :icondetectiveconan-club:
I just added a discussion forum to my Conan site.  It also has an off topic discussion for deviant art and other anime. Just seeing if there's any interest.

Also the first two exciting chapters of a scanned translation of the 98th story from Detective Conan are also up on my site if anyone's interested.

and, hooray for :icondetectiveconan: :icondetectiveconan-club:
So I installed my old hard drive on my new computer, this means that my college thesis is accessible again.  The official title was "Narrative Techniques in Mainstream Shounen Manga" which, in layman's terms is "I am trying to major in reading comics".  *ahem* In any case, the center of my thesis was on Conan, so I did a whole story arc from volume 33-34. Since I'm confident of the translation, I'll be putting it up on my website.

I hope to help generate interest in getting the Conan manga released in the US. I still have to put the word bubbles and translation together, so it'll be slow going. But I hope you'll check it out, it's a great story.

and as always hooray for the best clubs on DA,  :icondetectiveconan: and :icondetectiveconan-club:
The link to my website from this page, I finally updated and put a banner up. I've been working on it since 2003, but updates haven't been too fast so far, but I am working on it continually and intend to finish it. is my attempt to open up the Conan manga to people.  I'm still in the process of going through the stories in detail, I'm up to volume 15 out of 46 (and I'm missing 42, 45-6 until I get around to ordering them again).  In any case I hope it will be useful for anyone who wants to learn more.
The name tantei kid comes from something Conan/Shinichi calls himself (volume 33) in a play off Kaitou Kid's name. The front page logo, of Conan dressed as Kaitou was original art done by my friend :icongrachakkla:.

Please check it out if you're not as familiar with the manga as the tv series. Aoyama has some gorgeously done art.

And as always, check out :icondetectiveconan: and :icondetectiveconan-club:
Well, Case Closed was just as bad as I had feared, but if it sticks around long enough to produce dvds, that's all that matters.

In much, much happier Conan news I got around to finding the following clubs here

:icondetectiveconan:  and  :icondetectiveconan-club:

If you like Conan art, these clubs have links to stuff a lot better than mine. If you don't know whether you like Conan art or not, go look at them anyways, it's some pretty cool stuff.
Well, it's finally come. Detective Conan, well its processed carcas in any case, is airing on Cartoon Network tonight.  Yet, my site on the manga is only half up. I guess I'll try to redouble my efforts to get things done. If anyone is curious about Detective Conan be sure to check it out. Most of the links are working, I promise.