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July 7, 2014
How To Train Your Dragon 2 by tantaku has great coloring, lighting, composition as well as an amazing pose.
Featured by Ry-Spirit
Suggested by choyuki
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How To Train Your Dragon 2

Just watched the movie yesterday. it was amazing and inspired me to paint this

Painted using Photoshop CS5 around 6hrs

I received Daily Deviation -jawdrop- Jawdrop 
Thank you so much everyone for your support!! I cannot express my gratefulness.
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RitoLacota's avatar

Toothless looks so cuteeeee!!!!!!

BK-NightQueen's avatar
someone is stealing your art! 
I can't report them sine I am not the original artist, but I thought I'll bring it to your attention!
El mejor equipo del mundo by Eportero
EchoFurryFox's avatar
Perfect. Da orange fire goes good with the blue ice. Although, Hiccup only has one Inferno (AKA Dragon Blade.) But that's just me being picky. Chu are great.
Dusk-Kniade's avatar
Whoa this is just pure awesomeness! The first thing that caught my eye are Toothless's eyes, they're shaded very beautifully (well, and the blue fire/light from his mouth)
the warm light coming from the sword casting off Toothless's back looks really great in contrast to the turquoise/teal of the ice
Amazing job!
Haelbent's avatar
This is just so awesome, I really love the fire.
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Solderfury's avatar
this is bloody gorgeous !
TheNewie789's avatar
How did u do that??? Jaw drop 
Dragon-Minded's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous :D
SilverMuttt's avatar
Best. Freaking. HTTYD. FANNART. EVER!!!
Dude, I can even begin to describe how beautiful this is... literally everything about this couldn't be better! :love: holy...that's
TheVortexArtist's avatar
Do you have a Redbubble account?
Hafexo's avatar
Absolutely fantastic art.
KMTwede's avatar
I love how you captured the emotion for toothless! The lighting is amazing. Your really good at making a picture look like artwork from the movie. 
Your AMAZING!!! :)
CheetahLover899's avatar
such an amazing part
TheSonadowFan16's avatar
Looks Fucking Awesome Dude!
Thilego's avatar
Awesome Bro *0* Pretty nice job.
ShaneALF1995's avatar
That looks so Cool.
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TenshiIsMeh's avatar
One word:
SapphireSkyGem's avatar
This is my very favorite HTTYD fanart piece! Incredible! How did you even manage to do that?!
Kai-Cooper's avatar
Absolutely brilliant! <3

I'm convinced. I definitely need a pen display, now. :D
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