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Revan's Return

By tansy9
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It's been a while since I did a revan pic so here's another one!
I also drew this because my kotor is broken and I can't install it back on my computer because the disk is too scratched, thanks to a beloved member of my family... :shakefist:
So I guess I'm going to have to dish out 15 quid for another copy! :|

More cloudy smokyness in the background, but these clouds have a bit more colour and shape to them I like to think! ^^;

Erm so yeah, I hope you like!
Oh, I couldn't decide whether to do her with the mask on or not, so the mask became cracked because of my indecision! :D

Edit 04/09/07: Touched up a few things that have been annoying me for a long time, so I think it looks a bit better now!


Darth Revan and SWKotOR are © BioWare and LucasArts 2003

This artwork is © Tansy Appleby 2006
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© 2006 - 2020 tansy9
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wish they would put him in a movie ^O^
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Ahhh, the most loved character.  Somehow.  Why does everyone think he's awesome?  I think he's awesome.  Everyone who speaks of him on the net says he's awesome.  But WHY? :D
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because he is a mandalorian mask wearing sith/jedi man/woman ( U can like choose his sex in the game or something ) who started the Revanchists.
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in the official legends timeline he's male
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Absolutely beautiful - all of your work is, in fact. Keep on going..!
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Woow! Fantastic!
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Revan is the best ! very great picture :)
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Hail the Dark Lord Revan
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AMAZING :love: I love that the mask is broken, it's actually a very nice touch ;)

This inspired me to write. Wut? Me writing SWKotOR fanfiction? :nuu: This picture is THAT brilliant.
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I think its kinda scary that in KOTOR my Revan had a purple lightsaber in her right hand and a short red lightsaber in her left than I saw Revan in KOTOR 2 and still the same blades that freaked me out for some reaseon of course these are oppisite god I'm such a blabber O_o
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i made a sig banner out of this drawing and somehow it's close to surpassing views and faves of the original...

i want you to know i direct people here when people comment on my piece :)
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I love the pic...

As the for the disc, you could download a copy of the game and use your CDkey - perfectly legal.
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Very nice :) I like the fact that his mask and cape are partially destroyed by battle :wow:
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Looks like Revan's robe is on fire. :o :onfire:
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This is so brilliant. :D How is this -not- a DD? +Fave
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Awesome pic :D I found that year ago and it was my wallpaper on mobile phone. Now I see, that you work!
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One of my favorite Deviation of all time.
Wow! I like how this turned out! :w00t:

The coloring and the shading is breathtaking :) As is the effect of the surrounding! ^_^

I'm almost afraid to ask, but do you also take requests? :)
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Revan, starwars' most badass sith :D well, before darth vader that is.....
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Glad you cracked the mask, that's a cool detail. :D Nice job.
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