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Zeta - Launch

By Tanqexe
Totally forgot to upload this.

January 2006 painting of Zeta Gundam.

Photoshop CS2
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ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
WOW! Amazing colors and details.
pugwash1's avatar
Go back to where the women are
Zeonista's avatar
Oooo, great Zeta picture, like the detail & motion. B-) (Cool) 
DescipleofDarkrai's avatar

This is brilliant!

Just looking at it, it feels like it's actually moving through the air.

Vegeth's avatar
I love the Zeta, and this is amazing man.
Raidiese's avatar
This is beautiful work dear friend.
ShinigamiMiroku's avatar
Nice job on Zeta. It's one of my favorite suits from MS Saga.
mk456's avatar
First Zeta awesome gundam series didn't care much for the second season but Kamile to me will always be better than Amuro...don't know why guess Kamile just strikes me a bit cooler to me.
Mortskcab's avatar
Kamile was okay but Amuro is my favorite because he wasn't such a downer as Kamile was. Judah Ashta of ZZ gundam was cool too. Who doesn't love a fun loving hell raiser?!
mk456's avatar
That I can agree with you Kamile was a downer but it was because the creator's wife I believe died or got cancer or something? So he reflected his sadness with Zeta which is a freaking sad anime O.o. That being said Amuro doesn't strike me like Kamile did because I like sad heroes perhaps that's why kamile is so attractive a character to me. I will say this however thank GOD for the movie ending xD. I like Judah but not as a main character because half the time his more of hindrance than a helpful pilot. HOWEVER I loved him when the old guy tried to 'discipline' him and hes like 'fuck that' and kicks the old mans ass xD.
Mortskcab's avatar
You have to admit that Judau got more female attention than Kamille did! Judau got Rouix, Puru, Elle, AND Haman hot for him! Lol
mk456's avatar
xD IKR? Judau was a god damn pusseh magent he got more action than Kamile and Amuro combined xD. Also jebus Haman when did you turn into cougar xD
Mortskcab's avatar
xD Judau also punch Captain Bright in the face! Amuro and Kamille never did that!
mk456's avatar
Oh yeah forgot about that one kid was whaily man lulz
ChurchBoy42's avatar
Believing a sign of Zeta!
Well done!
r4ytrace's avatar
Minato36's avatar
the theme song is in my head now! this is totally epic!
ApeCape92's avatar
COOL I love zeta gundam
com1cr3tard's avatar
Love it. Looks great.
El-Bronco's avatar
Love the zeta!! Perfect artwork.
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