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SFV Juri - Heartbreaker

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Juri's ready to steal some hearts! And then, crush them beneath her feet...bunneh icon16 

The Keyblades can be taken off before a match or in-between rounds using the costume code. Enjoy! ^_^

If you would like to support my modding work, please stop by my Patreon page to get W.I.P. downloads and early releases! www.patreon.com/TaNookiDen

*****UPDATE: 5/2/17******
Heartbreaker can now be used over Juri's Battle and School costumes courtesy of Robhal :iconrobhal:. Show the man some love! You can download these slot swaps here: www.mediafire.com/file/u537xkb…
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todsen19Hobbyist Digital Artist
This looks pretty cool! :D

Can you possibly put Kairi over Sakura in Street Fighter V?


If not, maybe give Sakura Kairi's outfit Keyblade and hair?
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This costume is magnificent and I would love to download it. However, the link you've provided only gives me a download for this costume to fit over C4 amnd not C2. Where can I get the download for C2?
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Tanooki128Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's a download link in the description for the mod to replace the battle or school costumes. I never made it to replace the story costume.
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Oh, my mistake; I didn't notice that. Thanks!

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Your mod is amazing but I have a weird bug that make a part of the body invisible, can you fix it ?
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Not sure but here is the fixed version for C1
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The eyes look gray in the character select screen, I think they are normal in battle though. Anyways to fix it?
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You can fix this with the "EyeLens Fix mod", available somewhere on -Modderbase.com-
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hiii sir, i instal the mod and to me its not working, but i play against another juri and the mod its working, i dont know what i can do, have some ideia sir ?
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Hello, I know on the website that you how to change SFV MOD. I want you to help me change the AKUMA C1 mod. I only need to change the color. I will pay you money. I hope you can reply me.
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I can do it
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Tanooki128Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, I don’t take paid requests for mods right now.
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 Love it, but having troubles with the toggling on and off :/ do I do it just before round starts or when the vs screen comes up and shows our ranks ? tried it inbetween rounds too, unless Im inputing it wrong ? lp and mp and hp and up all at the same time or one by one or ? 
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can I take down the hood with the button input?
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For some reason it seems glitched for me. SOme part of the models are sometimes transparent, letting the background show through them. A real shame, it looks great otherwise.
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Tanooki128Hobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't updated this mod since it was released last year and there have been a lot of patches to SFV that could have messed with some parts of it. I plan to make an update later this month to fix these problems, so keep an eye out for that. :)
ViceHunter's avatar
I'll keep that in mind, thank you for the answer !
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BlazinStarXHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this Outfit sooo much do you mind if i draw this
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Tanooki128Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure, go right ahead!
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You have this mod without the weapons?
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Tanooki128Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can take off the weapons if you use the costume code.
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i know this came out a long time ago but this is dope and as kingdom hearts fan thank you so much!!!!
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Love this mod! Are there any variations without her leggings under the leotard? Meanwhile keeping the boots and side thigh thingys on? That would be awesome!
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Tanooki128Hobbyist Digital Artist
So you want to keep the leotard but just have bare thighs?
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