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Leopard Boreal Logon

I've made some modifications because the password was so short. I hope you enjoy it.
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How to change the font for password caption and how to change or remove Shut Down text ? Is it possible ?
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This is really cool, great job.
Thank everyone for your solutions
Is that the real leopard Logon screen or one that you made up?

Either ways, it's pretty nice :D.
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I'm having a problem installing. Whenever I replace logonui.exe, windows will go ahead and bring the original back, deleting yours.

Any suggestions?
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There is another way to change logonUI. Open run dialog and type: regedit. It will open Windows registry editor. Then go HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. In the right panel find the key "UIhost", press right mouse button on it, select "modify" and in "Value data" field type the path to your new logonUI.exe file (include the file name with .exe).
Not the simplest way but you will not need to replace system files.

Sorry for my poor english :)
Try rename the original file and when windows ask you somethin just click cancel.
You can use TuneUp Styler from Tune Up Utilities, or Style XP. Or simply replace the logonui.exe from system32 folder at windows folder, just be carefull to keep a backup if you want to have the windows logon back.
how to install???
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