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Scury Frostbite by TankySina Scury Frostbite by TankySina
But it's only the trial version... Oshawott cry plz 

So I experimented with it by drawing Frostbite. (I know I draw her a lot. I'm sure you're tired of her by now... >_>)
This is what happened after I screwed with this random Luminosity filter on the color layer and found it creepy... Yay. 

This could be a RP, too... I guess. Sure, why not? Keep in mind though, this is not Canon Frost. This is... um... Black Frost. Yeah let's go with that, unless anyone has any better ideas?

The streets of Ponyville are dark, the moon shrouded by dark clouds. In the darkness, a lone pony wanders the street, her heart throbbing. She trudges down the road, not having anywhere to go.
"Where... what... why am I so useless?" she growls at her hoofs. "There's no place for me... They call me 'blank flank' wherever I go, they taunt and harass me, treat me like garbage, order me around like a work horse... I'M SO TIRED OF IT! But..."
Inside her head, thoughts of pain and revenge conflict with thoughts of the few ponies who truly do accept her as she is. The voices in her head argue and hiss and claw at each other. It slowly drives the black pony mad.
 But then a new thought appears, one that was not her own, one from a different conscience altogether. 
"Stop this nonsense, you foal. They are all ignorant ponies who know no respect... They have wronged you, all of them..."
Frostbite looks up, but sees nothing but the shadows of night and a lone lantern in the distance. 
"Do not be alarmed... I am you, but I've been silent until now. Just a voice in your head, Frostbite. However, I can help you. I can help you gain the respect you deserve. Just accept me, allow me to take control."
The mare feels uneasy at the thought of this new voice's intentions and questions them.
"What am I going to do to get you the respect they deprived you of? Oh, nothing harmful, I assure you..."
She still felt unsure.
After many long minutes of arguing with the voice in her head, she feels her head start to pulse with searing pain. 
"I've had enough of this. I don't need your consent. Screw it, YOU ARE MINE NOW."
Frostbite falls to the ground, her mind slowly falling away, giving way to an infinite pit of rage. She struggles to keep her hold when only one shard of her conscience remained, but the effort was in vain. She falls, and in her place rises a distorted black mass with one intent: Kill all who ever made me feel unwanted.
The mare had turned nearly pitch black, her eyes now soulless and white, her right eye dripping with blood. 
"Oh, this'll be absolutely fantastic"

You can either use script or paragraph, I don't really care. Or you don't even have to roleplay, just do whatever~ I REPEAT THIS IS NOT NOR WILL IT EVER BE CANON. THIS IS SIMPLY EXPERIMENTAL or maybe it's an AU-version of Frostbite? I don't even know anymore. *shrugs.*
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January 1, 2016
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