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(PC) Team Mission 1 by TankySina (PC) Team Mission 1 by TankySina
Just a quick note: this is my interpretation of how it might go down. I don't know what would actually happen since I never got the chance to roleplay this out with Fueko and Brave.

Also, once Yan enters the dungeon, he's wearing his mask, which is why he doesn't seem like as much of a timid child.


The team was out eating lunch, trying to get to know each other a little better. They hadn't spoken much beforehand, so they thought it might be good for them if they spent a little time together. A few minutes after their food was placed in front of them, they heard hurried footfalls and crying. Cedric and Meiko automatically stood up and ran towards the sounds. Yan, a bit slower on his feet, took a second to register what was going on before following them. 

When they reached the source of the noise, they saw a small Trapinch girl running down the street. Cedric stepped out in front of her and calmed her down. Meiko and Yan came up from behind. Meiko asked what was wrong, and the Trapinch told them that a band of Krokoroks had stolen her bag and hurt her friends. They had apparently off towards Simmering Sauna Plains. She begged the Lucario, Yamask, and Skitty before her to retrieve her bag for her.

They automatically accepted. After making sure the Trapinch was completely okay and safe, they departed. 

Upon arrival, they found a lengthy mystery dungeon. They put on their game faces (or in Yan's case, his game mask) and entered the dungeon. They stormed through the floors, reaching the end quite quickly. They looked around the large room; it was cavernous and slightly unnerving. They heard a snicker behind them and turned to spot two of the bandits. Yan and Cedric lifted up their hands in unison and unleashed a Shadow Ball and an Aura Sphere at the same time. They appeared to have hit something, but it was hard to tell with all the dust they'd kicked up in the process. 

When the smoke cleared, the bandits were gone. A rumble sounded behind them and sand erupted from the earth, hitting them with a great amount of force. They pushed through though, and an onslaught of attacks from both sides erupted. It was three against four. 

After both sides had done quite a bit of damage to the other, they both retreated to opposite sides of the room. The bandits seemed reluctant to approach, almost wary of them... Yan took the opportunity to turn his head to his teammates. Through his mask, he suggested that they attack all at once. Meiko agreed, as did Cedric. They quickly decided to use their range to their advantage. They focused on the bandits once again and readied their attacks. The bandits tired to evade, them but quickly accepted that they were too weak to do much more than what they already had. Yan, Cedric, and Meiko released their moves: a Shadow Ball, an Aura Sphere, and Swift. They merged to form a large sphere of energy with a pulse of a Swift in front of it.

Not long afterwards...

After the battle ended, Cedric walked up to the limp bodies of the Krokoroks and removed the bag from on of their shoulders. They were still alive, but definitely unconscious. Yan felt about ready to fall over with exhaustion. However, he approached the bandits and left a pile of Oran berries for them. This earned him a disapproving glance from the Lucario standing nearby, but Yan didn't particularly care. 

They returned to the Trapinch, and they handed her her bag. She showered them with gratitude and they accepted it as best they could in their tired state. Afterwards, they all headed their separate ways, their lunch plans completely forgotten.


Yan belongs to me~!
Cedric belongs to braveling
Meiko belongs to Feuko
Pokemon-Cove belongs to CocoCake121~!
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Feuko Featured By Owner May 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Aggressive thumbs-upping* Nice story~
TankySina Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
*Squees in the corner* Thank youuuu~
gulpeel Featured By Owner May 2, 2016
Yaay, they made it!

Merging their attacks is such a cool thing! Glad the team defeated the bandits with it, despite their number advantage.
TankySina Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks, I'm glad they did too :D
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