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Kurumi Tsukiro-- M.K.P-I by TankySina Kurumi Tsukiro-- M.K.P-I by TankySina
First Name: Kurumi (Means "walnut")

Last Name: Tsukiro (Well, tsuki mean "moon"... I just added the ro part...)

Height: 5'2"

Gender: Female

Location Of Division Tattoo: Her tattoo is approximately an inch above her belly button, so it almost never shows.

Hair Color(s): Dusty blackish brown

Eye Color(s): Chestnut

Skill: She is exceedingly skilled in lying and manipulating people. She can also hide, and she is very intelligent. 

Age: 16 years

-Seems Emotionless
-Insane (or more accurately, she is bat-shart crazy)
-Logical Thinker
-Calm Minded

Division: Division 1

Bio: As a child, Kurumi was very antisocial (not introverted, antisocial) and she very rarely spoke to anyone. Her social problems eventually grew, leading to violent outbursts against those around her that tried to get close to her. Her parents, who were concerned for her well-being and that of others, contacted a psychiatrist to see if it was a psychological problem. It didn't take long for the psychiatrist to diagnose her as having antisocial personality disorder. Her parents quickly decided to get her into behavioral therapy, which seemed to be working. However, despite her seemingly improving social endeavors, she was secretly developing a grudge against the therapist, her parents, anyone who said that there was something wrong with her. She developed a plan after months of observation to kill her parents. On the night she decided to execute her scheme, she was walking home with all the steps running through her head as a sort of final editing process. As she walked, she heard someone talking in the distance. Curiosity overcame her and she went to investigate, but as she turned the corner, she saw no one. Confused, she stared out at the barren street for a moment. Suddenly, there was a sharp pain on her head and she blacked out. When she woke up, she found herself on a cold metal table wearing a hospital gown. She was 13 when she was kidnapped. The years have not been kind.

-Cold weather
-Speaking to people she feels are below her in strength or intelligence
-Loud and/or continuous noises
-Music of any kind
-Staying in one place for too long

-The smell of blood and iron
-Warm, humid weather
-Observing other people
-Practicing with her hammer
-The taste of pumpkin spice
-Dark chocolate
-Taking out her frustrations on others
-Compliments, as long as they are short and simple

-Never getting a chance to fulfill her plan to kill

Sexuality/Orientation: Asexual, not interested in any romantic antics what-so-ever


Theme Song:…


Other: N/A


So, uhm, I can't draw the hammer very well yet, so I used this image:…

Credit to the person who owns the image.
zenF3R Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015
hi, sorry for trespassing //KICKED
can I use her in my comic, if thats okay with you^^"
sorry for my bad grammar
TankySina Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for extra late reply btw
TankySina Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure~ I'd love that.
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