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Gasu Reference 2018 by TankySina Gasu Reference 2018 by TankySina
Ay look its my demon cat goat boy that no one knows or cares about y33t.

He got a big redesign w00 now i actually like drawing him again 
Name: Irigasu
Nicknames: Gasu
Gender: He/Him 
Age: Immortal
Species: Demonic Hellcat
Abilities: He can possess people and collect souls. Has a resistance to fire.
Talents: He has a knack for catching stuff on fire without meaning to and scaring children.
Current Occupation: Free-roaming Demon

Persona: Gasu's a little turd. He is a snarky little butthole that seems to enjoy making others feel awkward, uncomfortable, or stupid. It's funny in his opinion. He is generally very sarcastic, and takes very little seriously. Known for having a strong disdain for physical affection, he absolutely despises being touched without consent or warning. He will turn around and bite your hand off if you try to pet him. Gasu is also marked with a strong will and a hard head. It's hard to change his mind once he's made it up. He will keep thinking his way, even if it leads to self-caused conflicts or pain. Somewhat hypocritical, he hates people who talk down to others and/or base their actions on greed.
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