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Drippy Portraits? by TankySina Drippy Portraits? by TankySina
I drew these in school, and I'm kinda proud of them (even though the scanner kinda ruined their appearance a bit) 
In order we have Concept, Super Red, Nick, and Perception.
I'm gonna do more of the other characters from this story, but I might not upload them
I dunno still debating.

These take me about an hour each to do.

Also the scanner cut off the tip of one of Super Red's drippy bits

I tried to portray some personality in each of them?? 

Concept/Sean has some self-image issues and has some unhealthy thoughts (hence the gun pointing at him). He hides it behind his mask quite literally.

Super Red is a cocky boyo who's very popular as a hero. But that's a front, he's actually very sweet and I love him a lot

Nick is the family pet according to Shark, his creator.

Perception just sucks. ;)

Also Super Red and Concept are lowkey gay shhh :heart:

Concept and Perception belong to me

Super Red belongs to my boyfriend :heart:

Nick belongs to sharkdeity 
sharkdeity Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018
look at my boy...... he nya'ing hes so lame
i still love this w all my heart thank you again Heart 
TankySina Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
no problem sharkie, your boy is great :heart:
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