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Can I post renders of internal parts (as an engine or transmission) or partial assemblies (WIP or views of internal components) of tanks in this group?
In which category can I place them?
In particular, the parts and partial assemblies of a heavy tank.
what category for fictional tanks/Modified tanks?
"Fictional designs and personified AFVs". Everything "non real/unrealistically modified" goes there.
Some people dream of becoming astronauts, some want to drive the worlds fastest car, others dream of never working a day in their lives.

Me? I want to own a T55 Tank as my regular mode of transport.

Sunday afternoon? I'll have a pleasant drive to Scarborough in the tank.

Wife going into labour? "Alright love get in the tank."

"What do you mean I can't fit it on a ferry?"
Ha! And that's the right approach. Thanks for this comment, it made my day.
Mixing tanks and furry is prohibited too?
What category would this vehicle fall under? Assault Breacher Vehicle