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So, I've mostly left this place behind after I started studying 3D animation, keeping all artwork to myself. Imagine my surprise when I see my old Team Fortress 2 propaganda poster all over the game news. Apparently it was featured in a Russian documentary about american old war-time propaganda art - except mine is nothing of the sort. I didn't think I successfully emulated the style to begin with, and here I fooled some guy working in television! Or he might've just sloppily googled stuff and didn't read the text twice. Anyhow, it was as hilarious as it was surreal. :D

I might start posting some proper stuff here soon, even some posters, though it is unlikely. But if you find the aged TF2 art I have here even remotely amusing, stop by my YouTube channel and check out the aged animations!…

15 minutes of fame tastes funny. It's like blueberry soup, but sweeter and with a surprising touch of lemon or lime in the mix. Mm! Hmm.

Comrade TankTaur signing out.
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OH DANG, I didn't realise that was yours and here I am just being subbed to you for bloody forever.
Hope Obama knows who to call when WWIII rolls around!