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An Experiment


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An Experiment


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Titan Turtle

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The Chronicles of AtGoG

THE CHRONICLES OF ARNARG'THOTH THE GRIM OF GHANEFR A Mind-Boggingly Fantastical Tale of Outrageous Proportions Arnarg'thoth the Grim of Ghanefr is a name spoken only in whispers, for he is the legendary Keeper of the Fluctuating Nexus Crystal of the Khlexc'zagef-T'ghrathmoorm, the Ancient Keepers. Herein lies the tales of his journeys throughout the land, constantly finding new spells to add to his magical repertoir as well as new ways to use them, for personal gain or, once in a blue moon, otherwise. The initial chapter in which the place and time from whence the title character intially emerged and the events he experienced in doing so,

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RighteousRhino VS EvilElephant

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