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Pro-Demoman Propaganda Poster

My third and final poster for the TF2 Propaganda contest.
I had so many ideas but so little time :(

I like this one. Funny, and looks pretty good.

The Soldier is based on a screenshot of a posed and slightly inflated Garry's Mod ragdoll that I painted over and modified in the process, in Photoshop ofc.

The message is rather outrageous, but that's what propaganda is for, to make your enemies look bad :P

EDIT September 2014: Apparently this was featured on Russian television as an example of actual historical US propaganda. It's an easy mistake to make, I'm sure.

If you like this silly old TF2 thing, check out some other silly old TF2 things that move! Over here:…
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I remember in the 1939 Soviet film titled, "Alexander Nevsky", German Knights of the Holy Roman Empire were throwing babies into fire to be burned to death.  The book titled "Night" talked about Nazis burning mass graves of babies at Auschwitz Death Camp.  They even through live babies into the burning pits.  Soldiers were "Baby Killers" long before the Vietnam War.  War is terrible.
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Yesterday, my world history teacher used this in as propaganda slide show and explained how it represented the Germans. I turn to my friend and almost die laughing because I read it and she was looking into it way too far.
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Soldier Icon Speech Bubble Black Left Side This is slanderous! You'll be hearing from my lawyer! Which unfortunately for you is the man your currently slandering!  Speech Bubble Black Right Side 
You can tell that you made a really good poster when actual teachers and documentaries mistake your poster for being actual propaganda. 
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Lol at Russians thinking this is real life propaganda.
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LOL at Russia brainwashing television.
Tank are you aware your art has confused many history teachers around the world?
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Actually i'll be honest - I bet if this wasnt on the documentry in the first place things would've gotten better
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In a russian documentary, this is thought to e actual ww1 propaganda...
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Team Demoman all day every day!
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Think about the children!

Seems legit.
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Heavy must have made the documentary! with sandviches
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How long do you think it will take for the guys who made the documentary realize and fix their mistake? Nice piece btw!! ^_^
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Gratz, Valve should give you a medal or something.  :3
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I think you should make a poster featuring the Heavy, and make it really pro-Russia looking, to counterbalance the whole thing.

That'd be hilarious.
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You're famous now!
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And now Russia understands the evils of the Soldier... Congrats on getting it on TV!
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This Russian documentary nonsense is WONDERFUL!!!
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