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Medic Special Infected

So I got this idea once for a whole bunch of new Left 4 Dead Special Infected based on the classes of Team Fortress 2.

Here's the first one, The Medic.

"The Medic is one of the most disturbing kinds of Special infected. The strain of infection that creates Medics causes the infected to recognize and react strongly to the red cross symbol, and they adorn themselves with these, as well as dress themselves in white lab coats, possibly to fool their prey. This is also evident in their manner of approaching their prey. Medics are drawn to the cries of the wounded and the smell of blood, and slowly approach their prey with a calm and assuring demeanor, as if to say "Don't worry, I mean you no harm".
Their right hands and wrists grow long bony spikes, like "teeth", turning the arm into a sort of "bone saw". This is hidden behind the Medic's back when approaching the prey, and is then used to grab on to the victim, while the Medic apparently sucks their blood, in the manner of a vampire; a way of feeding not found in any other type of infected so far. Their grim appendage is then used to slowly disembowel and dismember the remains of their meal, and eyewitnesses have reported that a Medic in the middle of doing so is completely absorbed by it, as if he is investigating the contents of the body with a strong sense of curiosity and wonder.
Medics are also known to possess an accelerated rate of healing, so a Medic that is wounded and allowed to run away (which they do well) will soon return at full strength.
Medics are also known to lie in ambush in the area near first-aid kits or a safe house, since these objects and places are marked with the red cross symbol. One should therefore not be too positive and let one's guard down when finding them. "
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"I AM ZE UBERMENSCH!!!!" - Medic

"Doctor???" - Heavy
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Well I guess it's time the doctor *puts on sunglasses* took the shot. :iconbadassplz: YEEAAAAH
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I think I'm now scared of medics.
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Glad that won't exist any time soon.
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Very well rounded description. I would be quite interested should this monstrosity be found in L4D2 :D
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when i first saw it i thought the patch had a swazi on it until i actually looked at the pic
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Dear, Gods, it would SUCK to get caught by one of these...
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I'm not sure if I should run or hug this medic..the pure aura of creepy awesomeness confuses my better judgement!

Very nice pic ~Fav~
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Haha, that's great. Thanks!

I'm planning to make more of these. Have the concept for most of them sort-of ready, just gotta get into the creating spirit again.
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my own ideas BERSERKER is like an normal infected but weilds a sharp object is stronger and faster and stabs its victem while stareing them in the face its evil grin with a sick look of pleasure at its victems suffering being the last thing they see hides among commen infected the only way to tell them apart is its wiked laugh SORRY I HOPE IT MAKES SENCE IM TYPEING ON A MOBLE DEVICE
So how would this one work in multiplayer then?
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No idea. Could be an Uncommon Common infected with increased speed, damage and health that appears when a Survivor is really hurt and about to heal. Then they attack him and knock him down. I dunno.
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Wow, this is amazingly awesome!
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Thanks! :)

I'm planning to do all the classes, but it'll have to wait for just a lil while longer. I did the Medic first because he felt the most interesting and inspiring at the time. That doesn't mean the others will be bad, though ;)
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wow...thats rather...creepy. in a good way! Zombie Medic! sweet
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"Creepy, but in a good way" was exactly what I was going for! :D
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that would be a good idia. when you kill them they should drop pills or med packs. like the riot cop zombies drop batons.
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That would be pretty cool, yeah.

I was thinking they'd show up when you're low on hitpoints and about to heal yourself, and they'd interrupt you and knock you down, and try to kill you. Pretty dangerous, hehe.
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That comment just gave me the funniest mental image.

"Hol' on, I'm heali- What is that?"
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Ingenious! Vonderful job! TankTaur is credit to team!!!
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