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Demoman Propaganda Poster

My entry for the TF2 Propaganda Poster contest.

Ragdoll and heads posed in Garry's Mod, rest made in Photoshop.

Pretty low res because it was based on a screenshot and I'm relatively bad at the technical stuff. Learned quite a few new things making it. End result is okay I guess, but could've been better if only I had had my pen tablet...

I kinda support both the Demoman and the Soldier, but I felt I could be more creative with the Demo for some reason. I'm hoping Gabe likes it so that the Demo gets some extra War points :)
I don't care who wins, I just want it to be more even.
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That's badass.
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your propaganda posters are pretty awesome

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Heh Heh. Check the TF2 site to see who won.
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I checked, and one of my posters actually got a runner-up spot! However, it was my worst one, but it was picked for a rather funny reason :)