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Convergent Consciousness
Burning ghost heavens
in the ichor sky
Pulling me closer, closer,
closer to the blind, vapid Godhead
and the writhing vines
from the face of Pan
that consume me
Have you felt the weight
and the sadness
Of psilocybin dreams and cannabis dazes?
Where dreams of jumping freight trains
to the edge of night, Reached from the cold taut fibers
of the trampoline altar
And if the stars themselves could guide me to you
We would live forever
beneath their eidolon gazes.
:icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 3 1
The Pillar of Being
I. Muladhara
Of the solid imminence
Earth beneath our feet
II. Swadhisthana
The domain of change
The sublime fluidity
And the vast ocean
III. Manipura
Vaporeal mind
That which is felt but unseen
Churning void of air
IV. Anahata
Heart-mind of passion
Governing the rising force
Energetic fire
V. Vishuddha
Sacred vibrations
Throat of the yogic body
Music of the spheres
VI. Ajna
Seat of all wisdom
Flowering psychic organ
Of the outer planes
VII. Sahasrana
The supernal mind
Ten thousand-petaled lotus
Transcending reality
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Microcosmic descent of icy death
From nebulous skies of ages past
Like silver dust from the Monarch's breath
Summer finally breathes its last
:icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 0 2
I have gazed upon countless other worlds;
I have heard the whispering of the spheres.
Across the yawning blackness of the void,
into my dying body's ears.
The wonders I behold provide solace
from an existence wretched and scarce to keep
My earthly form lies crippled
in eternal haunted sleep.
My soul flies across burning nebulas;
above the frozen peaks of dying stars.
Over the crystal seas of Venus
and the towering pyramids of Mars.
Yet there is no place for me here
beneath this boundless cosmic dome
For I have gazed upon countless other worlds
but still I cannot find home.
:icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 1 2
The Book of Thoth
The warrior's sandaled feet pounded on the sand, his bones weary from days and days of walking across the arid and sun-beaten desert. This land—the Rub'al Khali—was unforgiving and harsh; even a stalwart former soldier like himself knew this.  It was the domain of the Old Gods, forgotten spirits and deities of the ancients.  Allah had no interest in that place.
The rare but occasional breezes of warm air were a welcomed blessing to him.  They were the only source of relief from the heat, aside from the time of sunset, which cooled the desert. But even then one would be shivering and wishing for the desert sun after a while.
The gusts caused the cape of his azure cloak to flutter, so that he would have to draw it back and cover his face with it to prevent the flying sands from stinging his eyes.  
Aden himself was born of humble commoners in a small city North of Medina, where he joined the Sultan's army and fought against the Roman legi
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EverythingIsUnderControl by tanksmallcape EverythingIsUnderControl :icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 2 1
Haiku dump
Fire burns, ice chills
Worlds are created when
Their forces collide
If a building fell
Nature would take over
Terraforming it
Shining crystals form
Antediluvian stones
Deep beneath the earth
Rain pours heavily
Washing over the city
Not hot and not cold
:icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 0 0
Weeping Saint 2 by tanksmallcape Weeping Saint 2 :icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 0 0 Weeping Saint by tanksmallcape Weeping Saint :icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 1 0 St. Michael's Window by tanksmallcape St. Michael's Window :icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 1 0
There is a place beneath the earth
of primordial terror and wonder
where stone-clad angels sleep in silence
in waiting for time to sunder.
From the dark stars they came falling,
from the fiery nebulas were they born.
They came to this world when our race was young
from a violet sphere now torn.
Beyond the North Wind these eidolons built
a vast and golden empire.
But struck it was with violent cataclysm
of polar ice and dragon's fire.
So they left their ruins behind them
in search of another place;
Another place to be held sacred
by these beings from Higher Space.
They would become makers of civilization
and rulers over man as slaves
after witnessing their shining island kingdom
swallowed by vengeful waves.
Their knowledge of the universe was terrifying;
They became our gods of dark and light,
uttering nameless rites and invocations
beyond the outer night.
These gods built great cities and temples
to be their terrestrial domains.
Now they are but shade-haunted ruins,
without purpose; wi
:icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 9 4
Let Sleeping Gods Lie by tanksmallcape Let Sleeping Gods Lie :icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 1 3
Towering greenhouses and glass blown-skies
That distorts the vision and twists the eyes.
A quantum purgatory of the lost and timeworn
Where the dreams of the dead take shape and form.
The laws of reality defied.
For eternity the sky-bound spheres fly
Visions and delusions will never die.
And unto the land your spirit is born
In the world forever asleep.
So sleep, dear children, the time is nigh
Leave all those who you they decry.
Beyond the Gate of Crawling Thorns,
never again shall you mourn.
You cannot awake though you may try,
In the world forever asleep.
:icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 2 6
From the Shadows
"This one catches on quick." She thought to herself.
He knew something was following him, so he picked up the pace and looked over his shoulder every two minutes.  
"This will be amusing."
The tall and lanky man eventually ran into the dead end of the labyrinth of alleyways he ran through to get away from what was following him.  It was like watching lab rats run through a maze.  His winter air chilled him, causing him to shiver.
With his back to the wall the man slowly inched backwards to a corner that was cloaked in shadows.  He watched the entrance of the alley, hearing the metallic noises of trash and street refuse being moved.  The silhouette of a tar-black feline stalked into plain sight, the reflections of the street lights in the snow behind it.  The animal slowly swiveled its head straight at the man, and he could see its radiating red eyes through the darkness.
Just as quick as the cat appeared, it vanished from plai
:icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 1 4
By Demons Driven
Sometimes in my life I feel like I'm not fully awake, but rather walking a threshold of dreams and reality.  Things tend to be too surreal, and I'm almost convinced that life is only a dream itself, and dreams are the actual reality.  In my confusion and deep contemplation of life I often turn to the shoreline at night for guidance.  There I am in my own netherworld, free to think and do as I wish.
Tonight a thick and gaseous fog is present, obstructing my view of the beach on my right and the town streets on my left.  I can only see the bare minimum of what is in front of me, but the open night sky allows the moon's glow to illuminate the fog.  All sound ceases, like the vapor is creating a vacuum around me.  Suddenly in the white haze a dark form materializes behind the fog ahead of me.  
"Hello?  Can I help you?" I ask it.  Silence.  The shape just stand there, but then it approaches
:icontanksmallcape:tanksmallcape 0 3
He opened his eyes and let the searing white light penetrate his cornea.  After being picked up off the streets in a dark car for so long, any light, especially of the bright fluorescent variety reflecting off the white walls of an empty square room, would hurt.  He was a teenager, 18 years old.  He was sitting in a metal chair in the center of the room, staring at a large mirror on the wall he was facing.  
Above it was a speaker, from which a harsh man's voice spoke, "Do you know why you're here?"
"I'm guessing because of my second sight.", he responded nonchalantly.
"Yes.  You may be a valuable asset to us, so we need you to activate your powers and tell us what you see."
"We?  Who's we?"
"That's not important at the moment.  We need you to activate your second sight now.  Cooperate with us, and I promise, you'll know everything in due time."
Seeing no point in interrogating the interrogators, he complie
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