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Here's my newest work. a freelance work.
this is a really big master bedroom, actually this is a renovation work, which is the former is 4 of rooms, then my client want to renov it and requested join to be one big master bedroom. and the concept is want looks like a hotel's suit room.

at the first time, actually i really confuse to make this design. coz the room size is too big an then my clinet requested won't have lot of accessories. OMG....the room will look so empty. but trully i don't follow my client wants this time, i just make something different.....hehhehe....
the bed size is the king's also requested from my client.

the color scheme also requested from my client, he wanted something warm colors, actually he also requested bright colors, but then i lil bit didn't follow his want again....hehehe....i just mixed up with dark colors. in order this design will look nicer.
ok guys if you have a comment, don't be so shy to put it here......i'm waiting.....
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tankq very much bro....
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wow keren visual di plafon putihnya rada aneh and downlight ada biru2nya + designnya top bener tp mood nya terlalu tajam/sharp cb diperhalus dikit keren bro...
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tankq very much bro atas masukannya neh......
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your work is amazing! The colors are warm with a luxury and modern elegance!!! Well done!
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tankq very much GR-De-profundis for your compliment and your fav.
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Wow...looks grand, bro... did the client like it? i like it :love: But maybe the curtain can be in warm color... cuz it looks grey....hehehe :D
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hehehe......i don't know, the image just given to the client but has no answer till now, but hopefully has a good feedback.
curtain? actually from my first test rendering i just put bright color, creamy....but it didn't looks nice....i don't know maybe it just a taste of color sis....hehehe.....
tankq very much for your visit again sis.....
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You are welcome :lol:
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wew...kewren mastaa...
desain ama rendernya mak nyuss... :D
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hehehe....jadi malu dibilang bagus ama masta neh.....tankq yo dah mampir neh....
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walah..ente tu yang mastaa....
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walah....gk salah mah selama ini selalu mengagumi karya2mu koq masta....jadi elo salah satu masta aq loh.....hehehe........
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wadduuhh.. ampun om... bukan saya pelakunyaa.....
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hehehehe....masta tetep masta lah....losta masta....wakakakaka.....
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