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Hi...back again with newest works. It's a Dining and Living room Design. really enjoy did these works even i've to sleep 3 AM almost everyday. Doing these works really gave me lot of new things from the skill of rendering of course.
These works modeled on Maya 2010 for Windows XP and 7 but rendered it on Maya 2010 for Mac. why? coz my PCs on XP or W7 can't handle it anymore even their RAM 4 GB, higher then my MacBook with only 2 GB of RAM...Incredible Mac!!! salute...
Gimme critics i can improve more...Thx

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~~with 2GB ram MacBook handle what the XP PC with 4GB ram can't?!? OMG... something gotta wrong around there :D Nice render~
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hahaha...truly...this is happened to me and i can't answer why...this is really happened...that's why i really salute to the MAC anyway...thx for dropped comments here...
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Brilliant as always :) I don't know if it's just me, but I find the patterns on the lamp shades to be fighting a bit with the expression in the rest of the picture.. phew! /big words

Anyway, the point was that I find them to be giving a different expression than the rest (they're more "playful"), while the rest is elegant and classic. I don't know?
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no...there's no classical style at all here and u're wrong on translating the design style anyway...why i'm using pattern on the material of the lamp? coz i just want put something interesting things there and can be as the accent of the room. That's why it also has a red color.
yes, it feels something different expression there...coz that's what i wanted. in design sometimes we should used contradiction to make that design alive and interesting. if everything is a same, there's no interesting anymore. i hope you got what i meant. thx anyway for the attention.
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Okay, just a clearification from my side: What I meant by 'classical' design was that it has elements, such as the marble and also the legs of the chairs, that you would find in the Greek and Roman styles. Also, I realize why you wanted to put in the redness, I like that myself. My opinion is just that the patterns themselves weren't what I would have picked. I hope you don't take any offense! I adore your interior designs, truly!
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okay i got it...yes every period of the design sometimes always has an influence by the former period style, even nowadays design also a same. if you see the classical element here, it also can be like that.
ok thx for the adored... :D
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