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I have completed yet another circuit around The Daystar.  The past year could have gone somewhat better, so here's to a better showing this time around.

Project Status:
Zinogre - The body of the suit is mostly assembled, I just need to get the legs attached and sew everything to the inner suit, then it's off to the extremities and head.
Stardust Dreams - Rough outlines at present, plus some sketches.  The prologue is done, all it needs now is shaded or colored artwork.
Other Sewing Projects - Not started, although I have material for prototyping.
Partials - Currently awaiting ArtSlave's next tutorial and the completion of other projects.

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Slowly but surely, I'm making progress on the suit again.  Other than that, there's nothing new to report.
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What am I to do with my own characters.  If I'm willing to paint broad strokes, I can get away with the pastiches, jokes, and references that take a good degree of otakuization and knowledge of my internal thought processes.  (There's the small matter of the grudge.  Even if it's why everyone's favorite bit of cross-genre service exists, I should be better than that.)  While I'm never going to write something publishable, I do want to put together something decent.

Why would Ori leave his loving (if somewhat distant) upper midworld family and strike out with mercenaries? 

How is this space PMC organized, anyway?  How big is it?  What resources should it have.  (At least an airborne mechanized BCT in terms of ground forces, if not three, since they're large enough to split the party.  No more Battlecruiser, though, the If At First You Don't Succed is going to get a cruiserectomy and shrink to frigate.)  It seems like it ends up doing a lot of things (everything from security and armed extractions to pitched battle and boarding actions).  Are its hiring practices predatory exploitative questionable as far as midworlders are concerned?  What should I arm them with (coilgun, gyroc, caseless or CT conventional weapons, directed energy)?  Which technologies are a go and a no-go?  Are shipbrains proper intelligences?

Skipdrive might be out.  It's not interdictable enough to solve the issue of the brigade being stuck on Bolton's Landing when one of the starbrains decided to show off its...performance art?  Social experiment?  Convoluted joke?  Anti-BTL public service announcement?  Test a stupid hypothesis using useful idiots live subjects?

Something tells me I shouldn't worry about this right now and focus on trying not to wear myself out with this study course and work.


"Yes, I do need to go drive my car over to E-Check tomorrow morning."
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It looks like I set too aggressive of a deadline, and I burned out well shy of the finish line on my project.  When you're overnighting a few yards of Polartec 200 to finish something, it means your project has run out of control.

This is not the end, but I'm going to slow down and not worry about the rush to completion.  Another few months isn't the end of the world, and it means I'll have time for some Nintendo and the Professional Engineering review course and won't have to make the durability compromises that come from hasty completion.

I will still be doing a daytrip to the Cleveland Comic Con with :devCrystal-Circle:, so if anyone in my audience is a local, see you this Saturday.
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Last year had its ups, downs, and the clusterfrags that resulted from trying to make too many changes in too short of a time period and the long-term consequences of 2015's overconfidence.  My ledger once again has black ink on its pages, but I still have another few months before I'm no longer the Probie.

Current Priority List:
Work!  It's what takes up ten hours of the day, counting the commute.  I'm not complaining, it beats unemployment.  Bills of materials, print reviews, and requests for clarification.
Sleep!  Apparently I still need to spend seven to eight hours on this a night, or I wake up with an impacted productivity.
Carve!  Smooth!  Heat Gun!  Glue!  Heat Gun!  Sew! Test!  ZINOGRE!  March 3rd, baby!  We're going to the Cleveland Comic Con.
Exercise!  30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise, at least three days a week.  Typically Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  This will shift in mid-March to Friday-Saturday-Sunday because of...
Professional Engineering Exam Preparations!  It's this October, but the studying starts soon.
Meditation!  Winding down is hard, and while the people I might talk to are scattered across the time zones

Commissions - Yes, there are two slots available, but I'm too busy to have time to work on these.
Collaboration - It'll be finished if I ever get over the misgivings...something about their obsessiveness just gives me the willies.
Giftart - There are a few overdue pieces here...
Backstory - I'll cram in some outlining and thumbnails, so we can someday try to figure out why Kay Handy, PI is such a trouble magnet, or who the hell Montgomery Cobra isand why he has a "Fighting Circus."
Future Projects - Alex, Tankaa, Ori, and then it's either the Dragonlord or Bowser.  Whatever fits through the front door or into Red Midget II
Messing with the Chipheads - This is not a positive behavior and I should really stop.


"Tatakae!  Tatakae!  Tatake!  Tatakae!  Tatake Otaking!"
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Commission Price Sheet 2017 - Discounted! by TankaaKumawani

Prices & Example Work:
Basic Sketch - $12.50 - Example:  Remember Summer Days - Draft
Colored Sketch - $22.50 - Example:  SHRT Kuhlman 1200-series Streetcar
Flat Color - $27.50 - Example: Project Baragon Emblem
Full Color - $32.50 - Example: ATM-09-MC Rampage Dog
Multi-View Reference - $65.00 - Example: Zinogre Suit Overview A front, side, and back view with a detailed headshot, some small detail views, and flat color.

I will only draw "clean" or otherwise "safe for work" content.
•In addition, I'd prefer to work from a clean or SFW character reference.
•All payment will be sent via PayPal.  Payment is required upon review and approval of the sketchwork.
•Wireheads can find another artist to indulge them.
•If I am somehow rendered incapable of completing the drawing, I will promptly issue a refund.
I have the right to refuse your requested subject matter.

Current Slots:
Reth - Colored Sketch - DONE!
Jblask - Full Color - Awaiting Request Details

Just drop me a note!
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Work & Life:
Too many transitions...

Costume Progress:

All of Zinogre's body padding, the feet of the suit, and the glove liners are finished.  The head, claws, second skin, and outer layers remain to be finished.  Akron Comic Con is now an unrealistic deadline...
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Red Midget II sits in my garage charging as I move the contents of Red Midget I over item by item.  Having the charger hanging off of the power post at West Branch is going to be rather amusing-looking, but at least I can get my full twelve amps there.  In order to use the Level 2 chargers at work, I joined the EV usergroup.  Unfortunately I need to get used to adjusting my commute patterns and not simply plugging in when I get home...

I'm committed to moving to the slightly larger apartment about 250' away from my current one at the end of August.  No longer will I have to lay out fabric in the living room.  On the other hand, this means a bunch of things need to be crated or dismantled so the movers can do their thing.

Once things settle down I can pick up work on Zinogre again and maybe get that thing together in time for the Akron Comic Con (Nov 4th and 5th).  Maybe I can get out of this sophmore slump and get started on CC's partial once I have more of my suit built...


"Look at it this way, Tankaa.  You finally got the CM EC-1 you always wanted, and it has enough space to squeeze Alex, luggage, and Monarch Togora in for your next convention trip and won't run out of power by the time you reach Cedar City."

CM EC-1--A sleek-looking electric hardtop roadster from the 1990s that fell victim to a combination of politics, rock-bottom fuel prices, and insufficient battery technology.  A handful exist in museums and university research departments, most were crushed and shredded due to a combination of liability issues and a desire by Consolidated Motors to render the electric vehicle program unhistory.  In some circles, it's viewed as potentially being a plot against alternative propulsion and transit modes similar to the Countrywide Lines Scandal from prior decades.

Cedar City--The largest municipality in "Scioto's Vacationland," home to the famous Sandusky Peninsula amusement park.  A particularly crowded Shinano-Animation convention is held here during the late spring, in a squid-themed convention center.
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Among my many summer projects is trying to get my hands on a plug-in hybrid car.  The prices have dropped a bit, used ones aren't hard to find, and Consumer Reports has sufficient data to produce a reliability history chart.  The challenge comes in finding a MY2014 with a light interior, heated seats, and a backup camera...that isn't black, brown, or gray.  I kind of blew my chances once on what would have been a rather good buy, but there were a lot of them made and one of them out there has my name on it.

There isn't much of a rush, if all else fails, I'll just pay Dad back and drive Red Midget for a few more years.


Surely Tankaa must be having better luck with finding a 2014 Consolidated Motors Amp in the greater Mogadore region...

Consolidated Motors:  A large automaker with holdings in both the Federated States of Columbia and abroad. After the 2008 financial crisis, the multiple automobile brands were condensed into three:  Consolidated Motors (most passenger vehicles), CMC (trucks, vans), and Wexford (luxury cars).  Fallen brands include Durant, Dunbar, Ransom, Knudsen, Jupiter, and Mishawaka.  Some branding is occasionally brought back for special lines, the revival of the Knudsen Phoenix C-Cross has been hailed in enthusiast circles.
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Sorry, but I'm not going to be able to make it to G-Fest this year.  Everything fell behind schedule, and various amusing incidents left me without much sleep this week.  At least I should have major components covered in lycra soon, and possibly some boots.  (I wish I could take another week off, but I think I'll just take Fridays off here and there this summer.)

The takeaway lesson is that summer cons collide full-on with construction season.  At least I won't run into this issue next time...but I might just focus on different conventions.  Maybe I'll even manage to get the hotel rooms for these things reserved in time.


"Oh no.  Going to more local circuit conventions means eventually having to face them.  Well, if they can get their Logistical Travesty Tour sorted out."
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Here we are again, at the start of another chapter in my life.  Dad's 65, the clock is running, and I wonder what sort of world I'm walking into.  While things are stable for me, everything outside this pocket of calm has turned into a badly-written potboiler.  I don't really want to talk about that further as it seems to invite disaster or cause flame wars.

Wednesday.  I turn 28.  Then the alarm goes off, I eat breakfast, and drive out to the old Lakeshore site to help the folks from Central Lab take thermographic images of the SVC while the control center issues special switching commands.  It's better than another eight hours of awful Muzak.

Zinogre is...well, I'm making my fifth attempt on the arm sometime this weekend.  Patterning foam is rough.  If I can just get the kinks worked out of this, Big Week (I'm taking Memorial Day Week off) will be a hot, sweaty cakewalk that smells of toluene.  At least I'll have a good idea for the go/no-go on G-Fest soon.

Let's look back at the spring of 1989 for a bit, shall we.  Not so much for the Indians, but for the lack of Key Tower, less-worn city buildings, and the still-operating Hullet Iron Ore Unloaders in the City of Light and Magic...

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I'm not sure why I feel unusually happy right now.  Sure, there's more sunlight, I finished my work on the ships for Red Straggler last weekend, got back to business on pattern framing last weekend, went for a good jog yesterday evening, and finished Hannah Arendt's The Origins of Totalitarianism an hour ago, but that alone shouldn't explain why I feel this energized.  My moody funk was in place for nearly six months!  Maybe this is how I'm supposed to feel most of the time...

Mind you, I do have a few things to look forward to:
-Cousin's college graduation (Saturday)
-Oddmall (this weekend)
-My birthday (May 17th.  Has it been 28 years already?)
-Construction Week (late May/early June)
-A serger (if needed)
-Summer Convention Circuit (maybe)
-Camping (August)
-Moving to a slightly larger apartment (this summer)
-Storm Duty Overtime-A-Palooza (anytime)

To-do List:
-Giftart (ongoing, but a few things are at the top of the queue)
-Zinogre Suit Construction (ongoing, G-Fest go/no-go deadline June 25th)
-Spring Cleaning Special
-Skeletal studies
-Catch up on reading
-Either plush design or a dragon partial.
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I'm letting the marching hammers in the office get me down.  My productivity is impacted, as I worry about everything I do being rendered moot in an instant.  But I still have to make progress on things.  Capital projects, housecleaning, training, Zinogre, taxes, convention registration, vacation planning, exercise.  That last one really helps keep the blues away if I ignore the TVs and just zone out in a cloud of funky beats.

In addition, I was thinking about trying to recruit a few other cosplayers at G-Fest for a bit of karaoke or lipsyncing.  Yes, Alphaville's 1984 hit single is probably going to be on the list since it's obligatory and everyone knows it.  (I'm not going to make it through "Gojira So-Fa-Mi-Re-Do" without coaching.)

Project Status:
Zinogre - Stan Winston Tutorials (again), planning musculature.  Maybe I'll carve foam in February...
Red Straggler - Maybe I'll finish the frigate and patrol cutter this week.
Other Art - Raethalis & Skade...should be released this week.  I know my audience can't get enough of the DFRCs and that the Monster Hunter series is overdue, but there's only one of me.
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It's that time of year again.  I don't have much to comment on at this point, aside from hoping that everyone else is enjoying their holidays.

These things must be more fun when you're younger and people know what you want.  At this point, the only thing I want is something I have to make and the sooner I get Project Zinogre back in gear, the better.


"I know, I forgot to do a Solstice posting.  I'm sorry."
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Sewing, field trips to the Michigan/Ohio border to dig sound monitoring sensors out of the snow, murder mystery dinner theater, and the realization that the care packages ended up being kind of overkill...that's life in the general vicinity of the city of light and magic.  I'll get back to work on Zinogre once the last dragon is sewn up and shipped out.

I did finally pull the trigger on the Natatorium membership, so I can stretch my legs and get my blood flowing even when it's below 5C and very dark outside.
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Or "Get Me Redesign!"

My ambitions got the better of me, and it took a few rounds of rubber duck debugging with my parents in order to realize that no, Zinogre as currently planned is not road-mobile.  There's no way he'll fit in my car or mom's car, and having to rent a van whenever I deal with the suit is the definition of impracticality.  So it's for the best that I get the mourning over with, tip the template frame into the dumpster, and  and start sketching again.

It looks like the L200 bodypod technique is out of the question.  That leaves us with the form-fitting muscle suit design...which is going to have somewhat more anthropomorphic results.  On the plus side, it will be a lot more portable and much more nimble...and possibly will serve as the other half of the prototype for Ori.

In a nutshell, it looks like the Zinogre suit will be a bit more anthropomorphic and closer to BirdBark's conception of the design.  Which actually looks pretty good the more I think about it...

"Big, burly and buff Pokémon are the best."  "Not when the suit doesn't fit into the car, Steve."
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I've been feeling inexplicably bleak as of late, even when I should be happy.  Everything in my life should be fine, I have a roof over my head, a good job, no debt, a girlfriend, and a family that loves me.  Yet a dull gray curtain of dread and dullness has descended over my life.  This hasn't done wonders for my productivity or creativity, it feels like I have to wrest grounding diagrams, presentations, foamwork, and drawings from my brain.

Maybe I need to start staring into the blue light box in the mornings, or working out harder, or getting back into gaming group, or consider restarting counseling/therapy.

Gah.  I'm supposed to be the picture of stability.  The guy who doesn't let stuff rattle him.  But every morning it gets harder and harder to leave that warm quiet bed to deal with frustrating coworkers, useless software, multiplying paperwork, vendors who can't make a reliable product, and operating companies that give you static and grievances.

At least the protective grounding documents are nearly done.  I just have to fight with the Microsoft Office drawing tools for another week and I can finish everything I have onelines and switch numbers for and call the project done.

Ha.  I wish.

Project Zinogre:
I have the body patterned (not cut), but I still need to pattern the leg and arm.  The head is still nonexistent.  Maybe I should have bought another sheet of 1" crosslinked polyethylene foam?  Ugh.  I just can't seem to do anything.

Care Packages:
I'm not sure about doing these right now.  I did find some suitable orange fitover safety glasses that come with velour bags to keep them in so they don't get scratched, though.  If only I could find a good solution to the plush problem...

"Cleveland!  City of light, city of magic!"
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Yes, I'm taking the Stan Winston School Courses.

On Design:

Too tired to make much progress on redlines this week.  Overtime is none too friendly to my system. 

I'll just say that the first version isn't quite what I'm aiming for.  Ideally, the suit's going to look a bit like the design I had for Deviljho Versus Zinogre, which is a good compromise between the overly chubby first design and the topheavy second attempt.
Deviljho versus Zinogre by TankaaKumawani

On Prototyping:
It looks like I might have to build a 1/3 or 1/6 scale maquette of the suit in order to develop patterns for the foam.  On the plus side, I could probably do simplified patterns for biped-type Zinogre plushie roughly the size of that stuffed Goji using the maquette and test out surface coverings on it, so I guess I can find other uses for it...

On Materials:
Locally sourced materials aren't practical, unless it's discount week on foam rolls.  Even then, that's only good for high density foam (less useful than I thought) and medium density foam.  For L200 foam, fleece, and a wide variety of other things, I'll be shopping online and ending up with a more complicated logistics chain.

On Cooling:

Liquid cooling is just too complex of a solution with too many failure points.  It looks like a basic phase-change vest is just a vastly superior (and cheaper) option.  The phase transition temperature for the simple vest is well within the capacity of a cooler packed with ice or a hotel room fridge, so it's not a logistical issue anymore.  That, and liquid cooling is just simply too expensive.
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Tagged by :iconsnowfall-the-cat:

1. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
2. Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own.
3. Literally tag 13 people. (Unless you can't think of that many.)
4. You can't say you don't do tags. (You know who you are.) lol i know who i am
5. Tag backs are allowed.
6. You must make a journal entry.
7. Must be done in a week or you must listen to whatever the tagger says. (Don't worry, you don't have to join this tag.)
8. Be creative with the title! (Now that is an ACTUAL rule.)

1) How do you feel about these tag things?

They're something to do to keep my journal page fresh.

2) So who are you how do you know me? = )

We just bumped into each other at some point.  You favorited my art, I looked at some of your art and decided to watch you.

3) Do you think you will live to be 100? would you like to?

The actuarial tables and family history say I'll probably make it into my mid-eighties, although women in my family have a shot at reaching the century mark.  If my mind and body are mostly sound and I have a few surviving peers, sure.  Otherwise, it would be a sad, lonely, and thoroughly unpleasant experience.

4) I love future questions, how will the world look in 30 years from now do you think?

It will look like a shabbier, more used-up version of the world we have.  The trends of the past thirty-plus years don't look like they're going to change.

5) If you could go anywhere in our solar system, where would you go? be specific hehe

I'd like to dive the subsurface oceans of Europa.  They seem like some of the more promising locations for multi-cellular life in our solar system

6) Tell me something in your life that you have struggled with for a long time but learn to work with.

Art.  If you think about it, my art really wasn't consistent until 2013 or hereabouts, stuff before then was a mix of bad anatomy, fetish community pandering, and a few decent pearls.

7) So tell me, what is your definition of a planet? just ignore the Pluto stuff ggg

If a massive object is capable of clearing out its orbital neighborhood, it's probably a planet.

8) Would you rather live in really hot weather or really cold weather?

Cold.  You can cope with extreme cold more easily than you can with extreme heat.

9) What is a good memory you have of being with your family or friends as a kid?

I remember working on home improvement projects as a kid, or the time at University School Space Camp when the Shuttle simulator had an Apollo 12-esque fault during launch...

10) If you could make a time capsule that would be opened in 50 years. what would you put inside?

Images of the world around me on slides, microfilmed documents, stuff on acid-free paper covering events in the news, perhaps even a few magazines.  M-Discs are a possibility, but I'm not sure if the necessary hardware for reading them will still be around or available to me.  Ideally, time capsule contents should be long-term shelf-stable (no reactive compounds/batteries) and human-readable

11) If you were the first person to set foot on mars, what would your first words be if you had the choice?

I'm...not sure...  "May we treat this planet better than we treated our homeworld" perhaps?

12) what is it like to be human?

I'm not really sure if I can compare it with being not human, because a human is all I am.

13) lastly. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I wouldn't change a thing.  Heck, I even reconsidered laser surgery.
Ok, here's my questions for those whom I tag:

1.  Why did you choose the OC/primary/fursona that you have?
2.  What generation are you from?
3.  What operating system are you using?
4.  What do you do for a living?  What would you like to do for a living?
5.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
6.  Why do you like where you live, or would you prefer to live somewhere else?
7.  What is your favorite mythological animal, and why?
8.  What's the weather liek where you are?
9.  What languages do you speak/write?
10.  What genres of video/computer games do you prefer?
11.  Which genres of books do you like the most.
12.  Do you enjoy going to fan conventions?  When did you last go to one, and where was it?
13.  Does anyone really like answering these questions?

I'm not going to tag 13 of you, it's hard to think of that many active commenters.
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"The Long Goodbye and Road Home"

Another time-zone-lag morning wakeup, followed by con hotel breakfast.  It was good, both the pancakes and coffee hit the spot.  All in all, my experience with Crowne Plaza Hotel was quite good, from getting there, to navigation, to the staff, to the room itself.

After that, we buzzed around for a while waiting for the Tokusatsu Room to open up, chatting with various people.  We got to watch a bit of the equipment takedown once things opened up, and were able to bring the car up against the loading dock so we could shove Baragon into the hatchback without getting the suit wet.

I...all but missed the awards ceremony because we had to leave early in order to get home in a reasonable amount of time.  I did catch up with the awards ceremony for long enough to be announced as Best in Show for the Novice division, and took home a 3D-Printed "Foamie" award for my efforts.  I did one last lap of things and said my goodbyes, then me and Rachel piled back into the Prius with our stuff and headed back east along the interstate towards home.

Instead of doing the car swap and leaving me to unload everything at my apartment, my folks brought my car down and we unloaded everything as a group at my apartment.  I got Red Midget back, they got Pearl back, and everyone was happy.

G-Fest was a wonderful experience, from start to finish.  I'll be back next year, hopefully with a new monster suit, more friends, a rented van for comfortable highway cruising, and possibly even some crafty crafts in tow.

Well, it's back to the Brown Palace tomorrow at 8AM sharp.  Until next time, this is Tankaa Kumawani, signing off.
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