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Ori Hadar - Proportion Study by TankaaKumawani Ori Hadar - Proportion Study by TankaaKumawani
Given some of the art glitches I encountered after drawing out the plush designs, I decided to study Ori's proportions at various possible sizes, with the slightly taller than six feet livebearing floppy-eared drake that we know and love as a rough scale reference.

Ori should fall somewhere between the first two sizes, and should be comparable in size to a large ceratopsian or nonavian theropod.  They're somewhat lighter due to radical weight reduction measures (compared to the solid bones and mammal-like respiratory system of an anthropomorphic livebearing drake), but can't fly or glide as gracefully as their more svelte bretheren.  Much like an American fighter aircraft in the Pacific theater of operations or an F-4 over Vietnam, Floppy Ears wins his fights with diving attacks and straight-line speed and is doomed if he gets into a turning fight.

However, this character just stops being fun if scaled up to the size of a strategic transport jet or Krynn Overlord.  You just can't relate to something like that, nor do they fit in most environments.  Their voice is either eardrum-rupturing or transmitted in the VHF band, and their body is really more of a clarketech cyborg than a living being.  They're basically a foul-tempered, particle beam-armed OGRE wrapped in a layer of flesh and scales that's either sleeping, being used by Tiamat as an enforcer, or as an anti-tarrasque weapon.  They're not something you want to be around.  Yeah, I'm demoting them to an object, even if they have flight muscles the size of a decent keep and energy output that could launch a DMC-12 through the space-time continuum from a dead stop.

You might plead for service, but unless today's date is prior to December 13th, 2012, you're not getting any more of it.  Go hit up some other artist, you wireheads.


Artwork, Ori Hadar © of me
Blue dragon designs loosely derived from the works of Todd Lockwood


"To think that all of that could come out of an indigo ellipsoid only slightly larger than a football."
"American or European?"
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TomDwaggy Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
I totally do not get all the references, but this is just too adorable!
TankaaKumawani Featured By Owner Edited Jul 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It’s easy to forget that most people aren’t quite as well-read.

Ref. Assorted Military Aviation History, Air Combat Maneuvering - If the typical dragon turns like a Mitsubishi Zero, Ori turns like a Grumman Wildcat.

Ref. Dragonlance, Overlords - Four evil alien dragons from outer space, and, uh, one local.  Or maybe it was distant islands on a faraway continent.  The geography and cosmology of Krynn was never my strong suit.

Ref. VHF band, typical communication frequency - I don’t believe in telepathy, but I do believe in radio.

Ref. Clarke’s Law and Corollary - Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  Any sufficiently arcane magic is indistinguishable from technology.

Ref. OGRE - Giant implacable automated land battleship from the miniature war game of the same name.  Kind of like an early model of Bolo.  Since giant monsters in Ori’s home can be killed with the right type of conventional weaponry and can be crippled through subsystem damage, it’s not a bad analogy to describe kaiju as flesh-covered ones.

Ref. D&D, Tarrasque - Nigh-unkillable monster, one of the few things completely resistant to Magic Missile.  Looks kind of like Jira with extensive ventral armor.  Tends to turn up if you severely annoy the Dungeon Master as a high-level adventuring party.

Ref. Delorean DMC-12, time travel - Great Scott!  What kind of philistine wouldn’t get that reference?!

Ref. D&D, dragon’s eggs - while they say dragon eggs can be larger, I tend to go with the upper limit for archosaur eggs...those of ratites, large theropods, and sauropods.
Kade-the-Wolf Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018
That's a rather thick looking dragon.
TankaaKumawani Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was treated as a budget, safe-for-work version of Mr. Martinali for years.  It had unfortunate, long-term art consequences and probably crippled my ability to utilize the Bishonen Line to avert this.
LHS3020b Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017
I agree that there is a point of diminishing returns on draconic scale, and presumably the square-cube law will make itself known at some point.

But I am amused by the increasingly-alarmed comparison-Ori :) And it's a nice anatomical reference.
TankaaKumawani Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They probably have to be made out of similar materials to an Orion's Arm supersophont to not fall apart at the seams.  Square-cube and trophic/life support limits restrict terrestrial sophonts to roughly the size of a large non-avian theropod, while whale-uplifts are what you can expect to see in the water.  Just don't ask them about the transport bills.  Even in the almost post-scarcity economies of glitterworlds, the economics were still based around the needs of hu, splices, and typical turingrade vecs.  (Orion's Arm is very much an influence.)

Ori did some monster hunting, so it's a wonder that he was willing to appear in the art.  (Not just the DFRC ones from the combat games, either!  Now that I think about it, those might be a possible PTSD trigger.)
LHS3020b Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
One can certainly imagine that monster hunting might be quite the traumatic experience, yes :) I imagine the galaxy is full of all sorts of alien horrors.
Blocko-maniac Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
big boi
TankaaKumawani Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, they're basically a scaly rhinoceros with wings and a tail...
Jblask Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The backstory in the description is lost on me but I really like the way  you've drawn him in each section.I'm guessing the only real difference size?
TankaaKumawani Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I should take a Footnote Fever approach to writing these descriptions instead of peppering them with cryptic references that only make sense to some midwestern geek [1].  Tanj [2] it all, there I go again!

Beyond conventional sophont scale[3], only sufficiently advanced technology or sufficiently arcane magic [4] can handle the job of keeping something like this from falling apart at the seams.  (Thus he's vulnerable to breacher rounds [5], a lucky AP shell hit [6], critical glitches [7], a heavily modified rod of cancellation[8], and large-caliber "boom bullets." [9]  Or the limits of my own patience regarding the whole idea [10].)

[1]  "Hi mom!"
[2]  "There ain't no justice!"  (see Ringworld and Known Space series)
[3]  Stuff like uplifted dinosaurs (land) and whales (aquatic).  Stuff that gives life support and hab design engineers nightmares.
[4]  Clarketech or clarkespell?  Hard to say... (see Orion's Arm setting)
[5]  A specialized type of conversion warhead, that uses some of its fuel to punch through armor and gravitaic shields. (see Schlock Mercenary)
[6]  Good old kinetics, possibly backed up with good old chemical explosives.  I'm not a munchkin.
[7]  "Uh, oops?"  (Shadowrun RPG)
[8]  A specialized magical device that can be used to permanently disrupt anything short of a major artifact.  (see Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder)
[9]  A miniaturized antimatter warhead, often in the form of a 40mm grenade or artillery shell. Highly effective against runaway supersophonts.  (see Orion's Arm)
[10]  Surprisingly limited.
Jblask Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It would definitely help culturally ignorant plebs like me. Thanks. XD
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