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Finally done...! this one delay for one month orzzz......
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=D Stocking!! I like this image
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asldfkhasdf panty Q u Q
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Lovely!!! .....but it makes me hungry.
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I never watched this but you draw cute!!
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Stocking !! I love you XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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really i love psg also love this pic
[link] <=== for really panty and stocking fans
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So is this an outfit you made up or is it offical? Either way I really wanna cosplay this. May I? XD
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Sure, it is an offical outfit from the opening (it only appears in very short time XD
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Its from the intro? I'll have to look again. XD thanks for the info!
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Literally ^w^
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Wow i love your style! :D
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She looks gorgeous in your style. *w* SO much love. ♥
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WOW!! One of the best takes on the art of PSG I've seen! I love how you got the eyes just right, usually when people take the PSG art style more realistically they lose Stocking's trademark wide-eyed look. But you got it down perfectly! (I think you're the only person I've seen do this...)

The hair is to die for, I love the highlights and those nice big sparkles. There's a lot of really nice little details going on with the folds and ruffles in her her in dress, and the lace in her hair is a real nice touch. The background compliments everything very nicely. Am I gushing yet? No exaggeration here, this is possibly the best art of Stocking I've ever seen!
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this is one of the best stocking pics i have ever seen!
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Looks adorable. GJ <:
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hmm so beautiful)
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Look at all those yummy, delicious sweets surrounding Stocking. :hungry: I bet she's definitely in Candy Land. :XD:
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