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Panty and Stocking

By tank2109
love drawing school uniforms :D
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Very Nice Work, They look So.................So..................................Im Starting to remeber Why I Love P&S, Skirts and Schoolgirl Outfits (Nose Starts Bleeding as Pervy Thougths ensue)

I know right *perverted grin while nose start bleeding* heh yeah boi

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Is it weird that I look at Panty and think 'super sayian'?
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They look great! Love the subtle texture.
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yeah love school uniforms too.
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this is so adorable!
I love it~~♥
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Ahh very cute, good job. ^^ I never finished this show, I stopped around episode 7 or 8. Something like that. I gotta finish it..
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I love this ^^ !
Their uniforms are very nice ~
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Very cute! Love the uniforms and love that she's blowing a bubble! :heart:
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dude the blond haird girl looks like len with really longhair XD ( im saying len because she has that ima tomboy look )
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i love this picture its simple but the gesture an style is great! PSG FTW!!!!!!!
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wow that is awsome i like it good job
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Le beret is quite fitting, I zink.
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Looks very cool, I really like the textures of the colors.
What software you use to do this pic?
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Wow,this is truly really cute!>w< I love their poses and your coloring!Very well done!:D :heart:
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