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Kura Pika

By tank2109
Just realized that the author of HxH said Kurapika 's name comes from "Cloud" and "Pikaku" ! really interesting XD
It is the last picture from 2011! Happy New Year!
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this is from here's the link
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All of my love for this piece!
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your artWork is so beautiful !! o.O
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lol that one pikachu : Churyuuken~!
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Pikachus everywhere!
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Omfg Cloud and Pikachu In 1 Picture.. AWESOME :D
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he looks confused there :XD:
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hahahahahaha pikachu is cute kurapika!!!
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WAAA PIKACHU!!!!! :icondragonhugplz:
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so. effing. AWESOME <3
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i knew someone would draw this shipping some day
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omg,, I never know togashi said that! That's funnieh XDD

OMGG This one is super CUTE! XDD
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pika~pika!So cute!
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Naww! <3
This is adorable :B
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awwww so many pikachus :D
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i never knew that!!!!!! i love this <3
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This is so frickin cuuuuuuuute... That Cloud in the backgrooooound...
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asdfghgkhljklj Oh my gawd I really love this and really? Togashi said that?! No wonder why there's so many Kurapika along with Pikachu fanarts. No wonder it makes sense. xD But this with Cloud along, is definitely a cute plus~:heart:
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