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Kingdom Hearts Cloud and Zack

By tank2109
I really want to draw Zack and Cloud together in Kingdom Hearts version for a long time...! It was so hard to draw!!orz


FF7 Fanbook/Doujinshi order page ( ゜∀゜)ノ -->[link]
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Awww thats cute i love your style! Still trying to figure whats happening here tho :'D
DarkKittyOwO's avatar
spaghetti-dinner's avatar
Calm the fuck down!
onehitpoint's avatar
Wow desaltify a bit there
onehitpoint's avatar
You suddenly went all out cursing. pepole fangirl all the time chill
spaghetti-dinner's avatar
Look at the date next time
onehitpoint's avatar
Oh. Whoops. Ah well
Vanitine13's avatar
They look great
tiffimew's avatar
love this!!!!! good job!!!!!
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Zack being the younger one when compared to Cloud is surprisingly cute. :heart:
hawkpooloflightclan's avatar
Ooo, careful with those CLAWS Cloud... you might poke someone's eye out...
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Did a great job!!
Pr0jectZer0's avatar
We need more Zack and Cloud!
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this looks awesome nice job
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Cool picture but I find the position of Zack a little...odd. XD
shiru1994's avatar
I love those characters ;3
rainbowllamaunicorns's avatar
Zacky, why did you have to die? ;-;
gabriebells's avatar
Manah-Angel-Eyes's avatar
I love your style! :)
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