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Foxdie 15

By tanjihay
::::: Version 15 ::::: Updated Sep 2, 2012 :::::


Aronnax, Flock, LOX311, TwisterMc
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melhor tema, pena que nao funciona mais!  saudades de 2010
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I really miss the simple usefulness of this and similar themes (ff47)
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one day
it worked?
i don't
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looking forward for an update of foxdie @^_^)
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I think we can light the candle for the foxdie :sad:
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2 years without an update :( So sad for the customizing community. The mac and ios is getting harder to theme every day, let's hope foxdie will come with an update soon...
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we need an updated one, temporary solutions cripples the look and feel, please update...
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Oops, shoulda previewed first. That should be (AT)namespace, and (AT)import url("Chrome....) --- but deviant art distorts the code.


for more info.

PS - thanks for the theme tanjihay
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Here is the contents of the userChrome.css for Iron Man. I inserted the namespace at top. Now, could someone please tell me how to use it? I'm on Firefox 25. I created a myprofile/chrome/userChrome.css folder and file, but even with staple userChrome commands they're not working. And how would such location know where to import from? So I suppose maybe I'm supposed to insert this in the theme .jar instead?
Also I wanted to mention that the regular Indie theme is kinda broken on my firefox (lines running through multi-row tabbar), so I don't know how much better Iron Man will be in that regards, but I love the colors.

namespace url(…;

/* ::::: 1. Button(Mix & Match) ::::: */

/*  Icons  */
import url("chrome://subskin/skin/btn/light.css");

/*  Features  */
import url("chrome://subskin/skin/btn/ios.css");

/*  Colors  */
import url("chrome://subskin/skin/btn/n/gold.css");

/* ::::: 2. Appearance (one at a time) ::::: */
import url("chrome://subskin/skin/app/b/chc/gold.css");

/* ::::: 3. Fashion (one at a time, change only top bars, works well with or without it) ::::: */
import url("chrome://subskin/skin/app/b/style/iron.css");

/* ::::: 4. Miscellaneous ::::: */
import url("chrome://subskin/skin/misc/xr.css");
import url("chrome://subskin/skin/misc/xab.css");
import url("chrome://subskin/skin/misc/findbarr.css");
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can everyone share  Iron Man userchrome.css?
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Hi, I'll update it soon, but I forget to renew the domain, and now it's not belong to me anymore :(
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can you share your Iron Man userchrome.css?
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It is a minor problem I guess, we can live without a domain but we cannot live without Foxdie :D Seeing you again is the best thing happened today. If you can setup a new site for foxdie, I want to contribute with a donation. If you have a paypal account which we can donate, please let us know.
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Now we need for 22 :(
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NVM, figured it out ;)
how to i make the button go on left im on Firefox 15
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great stuff man !
i have a question , i want to make it look exactly like safari , i have everything exept for the browser name , how can i remove the ''mozilla firefox'' on the tittle bar , or change it to safari on firefox 15 ? please help :(
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I can't work on firefox 18. Can u fix it ?
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Yes, I can. You download link above and I fix it for 19, 20, 21... perhaps work well for next 5 versions.

My review here -->
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This doesn't work even on 19.0.2, can you please update? Thanks in advance mate ;)
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Actually it work, but not automatically. So here you go:

By default, Firefox run a compatible addon checking whenever you update to newer Firefox version. And the compatible checking process - itself - is the problem here, not the addon (*.jar file I upload in mediafire). I'm not sure about how it check but probably it check the addon in official Firefox addon page (not the addon itself in your PC). As the matter of fact, the official addon isn't update anymore, the coder drop it for a long time, so it'll always make fail alarm/warning.

It's FF behavior for user benefit, so we have to let it check (disable is possible but you shouldn't). With the same *.jar file (or you download it again to ensure it not corrupted). Do follow these steps:

:bulletblue: Open Firefox (if not), open Addon control panel page.
:bulletblue: Drag & drop the *.jar file, wait a few seconds and confirm that you accept unauthored addon installing (which is normal/ happens everytime 'coz almost addon in FF site is not make by FF developer, just independent coders).
:bulletblue: Restart FF and it work again.
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Thank you mate, this tutorial worked ;)
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Of course, it works. I'm the guy who edit and upload that *.jar file and I've use it in my PC without problem. I talk to you my own experience, not copy-paste :D

But next time, when FF update itself to newer version, you need to repeat these steps above. (I made mistake myself, when I think need to edit the *.jar file and reinstall addon but not, just reinstall addon with the same jar file (not original *.jar, but the edited, work for next 5 versions or more, not automatically).

Some day in future when FF ~26 beta appears, you'll need recall me 'coz I only set that number in jar file at the moment, so it can't get further without modifying jar again. (but in the mean time, you can do this tutorial at least 4-5 versions).
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