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Cool cat lookin' for a kitty *g*

Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm still alive, although I haven't been really creative lately. I'm looking for inspiration, really.
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Well, I seem to have a lot of inspiration lately. I've been drawing and making things all the time. So you can expect a few new deviations the next couple of days.

Looks like my lack of inspiration was only temporary :D

Woah that was everything I had to say right now. Not very much but it's better than the Merry Chrismas entry on my frontpage, lol.
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:santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa:
:santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa:

*throws large sock* presents that way plz :aww: :aww:
yours truly has been a good girl this year!
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I just had my very own 3000th pageview myself *g*
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Not really much to say. School started again and the teachers give shitloads of homework, but I'll manage.

And my parents bought us a Nintendo Wii :D I've already hurt my arm by playing too much tennis in Wii Sports, lol.

Got some ideas for new manipulations, and I'm busy with a food picture project. More about that project in a few weeks, I guess.

Bye for now :)
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Only 2 weeks of holidays left.

Meanwhile, it's time for some shameless selfpromotion.


Yep that's my very own personal site. Current layout with Lucy Brown. That woman is a genius.
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It was my birthday yesterday. Being 16 doesn't feel different from being 15, really =P

Got myself the Primeval DVD from the first season and I personally think the subtitles are translated quite badly.

And they changed some of the music...that cool song in episode 1 when you first see Nick and Stephen getting out of the car has been changed. And when Rex' flying through the Home Office there's a different music too, sigh =(

And I noticed I almost know all the lines from season one, lol =P
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End of the school year is coming closer and there's no chance for me to fail.
(Or, I'll have to get only 1 out of 10 on all tests for all subjects, I won't :XD:)

I've read the book Atonement by Ian McEwan, I must say it's a beautiful book. And now I'm going to read another book, by Stephanie Meyer (Twilight, anyone?). In English. But that's something new for me, I don't normally read in English. (Except for the Harry Potter books, lol)

But there's something that bothers me...
My best friend is always telling me that I can't talk English, I don't agree, because I know the words, I know how to make the sentences but I'm just afraid to make mistakes, and because of my typically Dutch accent. And she thinks that's really funny, because her English is rather good, really.
After summerholidays she's going to America for one year to go to highschool there...sigh...will miss her so much :(

PS...Nightwish comes to a Dutch festival called Lowlands...that makes them giving a concert here for the second time a year, gheghe. They must be loving the Netherland. :giggle: (kiddin' )
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Well, not really much to say actually. School is getting boring (and busy!) since it's almost the end of the year. And every teacher puts a sh*tload of tests and work and stuff in their planning. And they're saying we shouldn't complain because we can't plan things properly either... And they don't want to teach us to plan things...Aargh O.o
Conclusion: teachers are weird. Seriously.

To get rid of the boringness I'm busy with filling in some memes. Started with the HP-meme and totally doing a Primeval-meme as well. And I'm finally getting some inspiration again, yay!

Hmm, more than 2000 pageviews, thanks to everybody! *hugs* :glomp:
And over 100 deviations, lol :lol:

PS  "I am the walrus" has officially the coolest lyrics ever! =D
Yellow matter custard
dripping from a dead dog's eye
Crabalocker fishwife
pornographic priestess,
boy, you've been a naughty girl
you let your knickers down
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I'm back from Spain and it was awesoooome *does a happy dance*

Some things I've learned in Spain:
-With my 1.63m I'm...big there (wtf those old ladies are sooo small xD)
-Old Spanish men are *cencored*
-I want a Pull and Bear store here too!
-People from Switzerland have a cute and funny English accent
-The main road in Malaga is like Beverly Hills with it's palm trees
-The fontains are wonderful :love:
-The street clowns are Dutch :P
-The airport in Malaga is HUUUGE
-Walking and standing in the bus for 24/7 will make your feet hurt >.<
-The Spanish public transport is aranged waaaay better than in the Netherlands >.< and waaaay cheaper, too :lol:
-Tarja Turunen is better sold in Spain than here :giggle:

Oh, I noticed almost 2000 pageviews :giggle:
In April I'm going to Spain. To the city of Málaga to be more precise. I'm going with school and I'll stay at a Spanish host-family for 5 days. They barely speak English and no Dutch at all, so I have to speak Spanish... I'm really looking forward to it, I bet I'm going to have so much fun!
We're going to take Spanish lessons, to improve our Spanish. (At school, we've already got Spanish lessons for 2 years, but I only speak it un poco)
We're also going to visit a Picasso museum and the Picasso-house. That's the thing I will love the most...I think.
And...we will have to talk to strange people, just on the Spanish! I was like: :omfg: are they serious? But...I'll have to, since it's an assignment, we'll get a mark for it so I'll have to :giggle:

Oh damn, forgive me my crappy English =D

Saludos! :aww:
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When I came home from shopping today, my mum told me an evelope for me had arrived. She thought it was a bit suspicious because it was pink.  :XD:
But I directly knew what it was, and I was right. It was my prize from that contest (by MADmoiselleMeli) I won a few months ago.
And I was like: yay :boogie: ! I got two  postcards from her works, and I'm so gonna save them forever! =D
I know it sounds a bit stupid but that prize makes it more real to me that I won something :XD:

Well...that's it for now (A)
Bye!! *runs away*
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*sigh* I'll keep it short but as it seems I'm not able to upload anything to my gallery.
I don't know the problem or how to fix it...

I can't open a file because it says my firewall blocks some things of dA. But it's weird because I didn't update anything of firewall or any other virus scanner things. But it doesn't work like it did before. Grrr, I made a new manipulation but I can't submit it, it makes me a bit grumpy =(

Ideas anyone ?? *angelface*
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I'm going to complain, really.

My dad was so angry with me yesterday. I couldn't believe my ears... It was because he thought I hadn't done my homework yet. But I really DID do my homework! And he didn't believe me. Then he started to complain about school and my marks (which aren't bad at all, honestly)...and that I'm spending way too much time at my laptop and at my drawings and stuff...
And that I sleep too late every evening. He said I had to put away the books which are lying next to my bed, because he thinks I'm always reading them while I have to sleep. That's not true. It's only one book (about photography) and it's lying there for ages, since he very beginning of my Christmas Holidays. The fact is that I can't prove that =(
But I honestly don't read that book! When I go to my bed in the evening, I'm so tired, I can't even read!

I can't believe it...I just can't stand that he doesn't trust me...I was so sad, I couldn't say anything because of my tears...really :cry:

It's just....the idea...that your parents don't trust makes me feel so miserable.
  • Listening to: Stargazers by Nightwish the title says I wanna wish you all a very happy new year with lots of creativity! Yay!  :boogie:

I made you guys a drawing for the new year. It was made today.


Hugs, Tanja :hug:
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Yay, finally 1000 pageviews! Ok, seems to be a bit cliche to thank people for this but I want to do it so: THANKS for viewing :hug:

Up to the 2000 and more =D
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Oooh, I am soo gonna complain about the weather here right now!
It sooo friggin cold!!! And now you might say: "Well, you shouldn't complain because you live in the Netherlands. It's seriously worse in countries such as Russia and around there"
Then I'd say: "Shut ta f*ck up and let me complain!" *looks annoyed* *grins evil*
Well, where shall I start? Ok. It freezes. All day long. Every tree is white of the frost. And I have to cycle to school. Yes. By bike. Grrr... It's soo cold and although I don't have to cycle that long I'm getting sick and tired of it. My hands are red and cold when I come at school, even though I'm always wearing gloves.
And you'd think: Well, the snow does everything make right, doesn't it? doesn't snow. Yet. If it would, it would be snowing in January or February.

I don't want it then! I want it now! And with Christmas! I want a white and romantic Chrismas! It's sooo long ago since we've had a white Christmas *cries*  
And if it'd snow it would be wet snow. Not the sorta snow that stays, but it melts away when it touches the earth. I hate that.¬¬

Okay, this is my complaining stuff. I won't be complaining about anything till it's summer and too hot :lol: Gee, I'm so annoying :giggle:
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Hi guys!

People might have noticed the little * for my devname. Yes, I'm subscribed for some time, because I won a contest @ MADmoiselleMeliStock. Before that I already noticed that I got featured at some places. And after the contest even more! I'm so happy with all these things happening to me and my and my photomanipulations at the moment. I see people find my gallery more and more often.
I'm so glad to see that!

I want to thank you, as visitor of my gallery and everyone who ever supported me. :love:

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:iconrainfall-club:   :icondreamers-of-avalon:

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Thank you all for providing this great stock ^^ And yes I'm ab out to add more, lol
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Ok, I decided to make a new Journal entry to let know the visitor more about me. Hope it's a bit interesting :aww:

Okay, some things you really need to know about me:

1. I've got a hole in my heart. This doesn't mean I'm dead (that's what children thought when I told them when I was 7 or something ;p)
It's nothing worrying, I can live with it and just do everything. I only have to go to the hospital once in 4 years.

2. I've got a soft spot for everything French (language, movies, brands, places etc.)

3. I always try to eat healthy, but sometimes I can't resist to eat loads of candies/crisps :ashamed:

4. I truly hate prejudices, especially against goths, emo's, punks, rockers and metalheads.

5. I hate it being called a Gothic or an Emo. I don't have anything against them, don't get me wrong! I deeply respect them.
But it is just that I'm totally not one of them. Far from that!

6. I used to have a collection of key rings, I still like them but I'm not as obsessed with them as I was before.

7. I really love making pictures: any place, anywhere, anytime.

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Thank you all for providing this great stock ^^
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Yes. I'm bored. I'm tired of the summerholidays and I want to go to school again! Oh, I've missed my friends so much! And...yes I've missed the (usual boring) lessons too. At least the ones of cool subjects of course;) I recieved my books last week and I bet the maths are going to be very hard this year, I didn't understand a word of it! And I guess history is going to be so much fun. We'll start with the Stone Age again! I love that subject =)
Anyway, I guess you're all bored by reading this. So now you all can join me in boringness, whaha, I'm so evil. :P
Yes, I know, my English is terrible, lol (A) I really need to improve it, but I can't since I can't go to school because of my holidays. Blame the school! :P  :P