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I had a weird day today.
I met a new friend.
She puzzled me from the start.
She had these weird ideas.

What shocked me wasn’t her looks.
Nor was it the way she walked.
Or the way her fingers twitched,
Whenever she saw a paper.

The first weird thing about her,
Was the way she spoke.
Without a tone.
Without fear or emotion.

She told me about fear.
She told me it wasn’t an emotion.
Fear was something,
Man had created.

But still I got scared,
When she smiled.
Her lips saying funny.
Her eyes saying die.

I think she wanted to kill me.
And not only me.
She wanted to kill everyone,
Who had ever taken a breath.

I saw her pieces of art.
I looked through her sketchbook.
They weren’t very good.
But they spoke her language.

She told me about love.
She told me it wasn’t an emotion.
Love was something,
Man had created.

Still, I loved her.
For being her.
For being different.
For having weird ideas.

I met her family.
Her sister, her brothers, her mom.
I saw how she greeted them.
Like the strangers they were.

I read through her poems.
She had an eye for rhyme.
They were about devotion,
And how easily it’s broken.

She told me about life.
She told me it wasn’t being alive.
Life was something,
Man had to create himself.

I didn’t understand that part.
Life was this.
Life was something,
Someone else had given to me.

She looked at me.
Hated me.
Her lips saying listen.
Her eyes saying kill.

She looked at her hands.
Then she smiled.
Her lips saying warm.
Her eyes saying cold.

She is alone now.
She turned and walked away.
She wants to kill me,
And she wants to be killed.

I met a friend today.
She was weird and scary.
But I have this weird feeling…
That she was smarter than anyone.
i have weird things in my head at 2 am... o_o;
time: 15 mins
Sutathewolf Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Student General Artist
Whoa, so creepy, but it's awesome! c:
SunSong Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
You are great at poetry!
Tanize Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2005  Student Digital Artist
:blowkiss: :XD:
thank you. :hug:
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January 23, 2005
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