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Water Emblem by Tanize Water Emblem by Tanize
Zale stared at the being in front of him with disbelieving eyes. His fingers were still clutched around the pebble he'd been about to toss across the water's surface, and the creature in front of him slowly turned its head until it appeared to be looking directly at the youth's hand. Sensing the familiar blush creeping up his neck and cheeks, Zale quickly dropped the pebble to the ground, guiltily wiping his hands on his coat.

Apparently satisfied that Zale wouldn't abuse his placid cove anymore, the being faced away from him and easily stepped onto a rock poking above the water's surface. Zale's eyes widened in an effort to take in what he'd just seen; somehow the creature in front of him had managed to climb the low rock without lifting its thin legs. As if its legs had instantly shortened to keep its body from the change in altitude. Zale subconsciously swept long bangs out of his face to better regard the creature, but said creature's height didn't appear to have changed in the least. Something in the corner of his eye made Zale snap his gaze from the being's legs - resting lightly against the rock's wet surface, as if its body needed no support from them at all - to its covered head.

Even though there was no way for Zale to possibly see the creatures eyes (if it even had any), his body froze in intimidation at the cold stare that seemed to ooze out from behind the creature's helmet. Unable to look away from whatever held his gaze, Zale marveled at how the rest of the creature's body seemed to shift and ripple under his unfocused stare. Its long, dark coat would stretch and bend to and from his body, while the seaweed-like tresses that appeared to be growing directly from its helmet floated around its being, giving off the illusion that the being was submerged in water.

All the while, the creature kept Zale's eyes focused squarely upon its thin features. Without once moving its small mouth, the being spoke.


I'm a horrible, horrible human being for drawing this instead of working on a commission. >:
The image popped into my head early last night, and I wanted to get it out before it was gone forever.
At least it only took a day to draw [because I left it so rough, har].

... That's supposed to be water falling in the background, by the by. :/
I fail.


Water Emblem... Thing...-a-mabob © Tanize [Yo!]


Fleeting Insight: It looks fat in this picture. :giggle:
Segunder Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2008
Interesting. And once again, I must declare you a threat with a keyboard. Good to see you back!
Tanize Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Thanks. xDD

Yea... If I spouted half as much nonsense when I spoke as I do when I type, someone would have definitely strangled me by now. :/
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July 14, 2008
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