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20 Random Facts about Hannah Audrey Worth

1. Her father was from Wales
He went abroad for college when he was 18, where he met his "true love" and decided to stay. After they broke up, Mr. Worth decided to stay in the country, where he eventually met and married Hannah's mother. Though culturally brainwashed after so many years abroad, he still maintained a Welsh accent. Hannah has no traces of this accent.

2. Said father has passed away
Mr. Worth died of cancer about three years before the infection. He left his family broke and broken, and it severely affected their family relationship. Mrs. Worth has suffered from depression ever since, and Hannah distanced herself from both her family and friends in an effort to escape all the pity and craves for attention.

3. She has lost all contact with her High School friends
Two months out of High School, Hannah changed her phone number, deleted her Facebook, and scrubbed her AIM free of any of her friends from High School. After four years of seeing the same faces, she was sick of them to the point of nausea.

4. She doesn't have a favourite movie or artist
She changes her mind too often for any one movie or music genre to stick completely.

5. Used to play WoW
Hannah lived out most of her social life online; mostly through 4-Chan and World of Warcraft. She eventually had to quit the latter when paying her rent took priority.

6. Has only had one boyfriend
By the time she was 19, Hannah felt almost pressured into a relationship by society's norms. Those few weeks of dating were the most uncomfortable ones in Hannah's life (up until the dead started feeding off of people), and left her with a lingering disgust for relationships and physical contact. This is party of why...

7. She doesn't believe in love
Even though her parents were together until death did them part, she believes that there is no such thing as "love", and explains it away with hormones. Much to her dismay, she is still a romantic at heart, and can't help hoping that one day her Prince Charming will ride in on a noble steed and waft all her doubts away.

8. Her hat was a gift from her brothers
Thomas and Ricky got it for her for her 20th birthday. The notion of her brothers even going to the length of getting her a present compels her to wear it whenever she can.

9. Very intolerant of stupidity
She won't stand by and let you make your own mistakes. She will throw a fit that will most likely end in a lot of yelling and insulting should someone do something she considers idiotic. Say, for example, put reins on an undead and try to race with it.

10. Open minded
Despite her prejudice against stupidity, Hannah is actually very open minded about other people's personalities, ideas, and beliefs. She is not one to persecute you for what you believe in, but neither will she sit back and be quiet if your beliefs hurt others. This chivalry isn't because she likes the people she's defending so much as it is her protecting her morals.

11. Wary of her mother
Hannah loves her mother, but after years of watching her drown herself in pity over her husband's death Hannah felt a great need to distance herself. She was relieved when she could move out and get her own place, because she could now choose herself when she wanted to see her mother.

12. Believes in ghosts
They are real. There is no way you can convince her otherwise.

13. Prefers glasses over contacts
She did try contacts for a while; but after having them fall out several times due to her forgetting to blink in front of the computer she went back to glasses.

14. Has never been abroad
She was going to go on a school trip once, but it got cancelled. After 21 years she is starting to feel trapped inside her own culture, and desperately wants to travel the world some day.

15. Likes Mexican food and lattes
Not at the same time.

16. Broke her arm in the first grade
She jumped off a swing in the playground and landed wrong. She hasn't broken anything since.

17. Is pretty apathetic towards religion
Her mother is Christian, but after the death of her husband she hasn't been as keen on going to church as she used to. Hannah, though raised in a religious home, has always kind of just felt that either He exists, or He doesn't. Either way, He probably won't disappear if she skips church once in a while.

18. Doesn't like swearing
She is neither amused nor impressed by curse words, and usually avoids them entirely.

19. Fastest way to her heart
Small acts of kindness. Things like holding the door, fetching her things from across the room, and getting her coffee will warm her right up.

20. She's a boring drunk
Her friends have claimed that she is a fun drunk. This is because their judgements are clouded by the fact that they were even drunker.
#19 stealthily yoinked from *Selenedragon, since it's become a trend. ;D

Did this on my break at school. SO MUCH WORK GAH

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Buuya Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2009   Digital Artist
What a well-rounded character. She feels so... real. I think I knew this girl :)
Ridemus Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2009
Ha! One of my characters is superstitious and afraid of ghosts too.
Keep up the great work.
Phantosanucca Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2009
Hmm. Hannah feels like one of the more "real" survivors I've seen. Although I can't help but feel like she's missing something. That -certain- something to really set her apart from the rest.

She has a voice, a personality and perhaps even a soul of her own... I can't quite put my finger on what feels out of place.

Or maybe THAT IS her. The impression I get from Hannah is a life of muted mediocrity. A consuming greyness. She seems stuck in one place, but at the same time I gather she hasn't the motivation to leave her fog.

Perhaps the zombocalypse will show a silver lining for her...
Tanize Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Yea, I feel you. She's is a more "realistic" survivor; but that also means that she's missing that something extra that makes a good story. :)
If characters acted like real people, we could just as well be observing real life, right?
On the other hand, the fact that she acts "natural" also means that she's easily manipulated by her environment, which is something I wanted to play with. :P

I think it's awesome how you got such a great read on her, though, even though I'm not very happy with the facts I chose, myself [I wrote it in all haste, to be honest]. :)
heysawbones Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2009  Professional General Artist
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