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20 Random Facts about Adam Jaeger

1. He has never been to jail
Though several accounts of public intoxication, vandalism, assault, and drug abuse really should have landed him there a long time ago. In a perfect world.

2. Diagnosed with Hypomania when he was 16
It impacts his ability to make sound decisions, and he doesn't sleep as much as others do. He is barely aware of this himself, though, and is convinced that it doesn't affect him at all.

3. He is not an only child

4. He left home when he was 17
And has never looked back.

5. Has lived briefly in three different countries
Until either his luck or patience ran out, and he moved on.

6. He only speaks English
Which is another reason why he didn't stay long in other countries.

7. His father took him to a shooting range only twice
Adam's bad habit of waving the gun around when not in use got him banned after the second visit. This is where he learned to shoot (badly).

8. He dropped out of High School in his Junior year

9. He doesn't drink
He never fancied the taste of alcohol. Simple as that.

10. Hates flying
It irks him to not be able to choose himself when and where to get off. Not to mention that a metal tube flying through the air is probably the most absurd thing he can think of, and he thinks a lot of absurd things. He always opts for ground transportation, especially trains, when traveling; and will openly berate anyone partial to flying. Especially pilots.

11. The jacket he's wearing is his travel-buddy's
As is the blood that got splattered on it when Adam separated his buddy's zombified head from his shoulders.

12. He used to own a cat
From ages ten to fourteen his family owned a tabby. Though both the cat and Adam were very indifferent towards each other, Adam has always preferred cats to dogs because of it. Surprisingly, Adam was actually upset when it was run over.

13. He's a self-taught driver
Various delivery jobs throughout his... career, have taught Adam how to drive. He's never been on a freeway or a driven outside of a city, though, and is for the most part unaware of the rules of the road.

14. Has an STD
"Thanks to some fucking skank at a party." Said skank was unconscious at the time Adam contracted her STD.

15. Likes video games
Especially FPS and action-adventure games. His favourite game is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He hasn't had the opportunity to play in quite a while, though, due to not being able to bring a console with him on his travels. Contrary to popular opinion, the video games were not what turned Adam into such a huge dick.

16. "Adam Jaeger" is not his given name

17. He prefers barking before biting
He will much sooner get into a verbal fight than a physical one. He will snarl, provoke you, and insult your mother; but if fists start to fly he'll back off. The only time his first resort is violence is if the other party is no kind of threat to him.

18. He grew up in the suburbs
Not the kind with the white picket fences and vacuuming housewives; the kind where your bike gets stolen and stripped for parts on a monthly basis.

19. The fastest way to his heart
Buy him a one-way ticket to a place he's never been. And don't come with him.

20. He was once hit by a car
He survived with a couple of broken bones and a minor concussion. Adam takes this as proof that karma does not exist.
#19 stealthily yoinked from *Selenedragon, since it's become a trend. ;D

Did this on my break at school. SO MUCH WORK GAH

Buuya Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2009   Digital Artist
Mysterious :wow:
Ridemus Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2009
What is his real name i wonder? Nice insight. Its cool how you know so much about your character.
Tanize Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009  Student Digital Artist
What could it be, indeed...
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