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A website against the upcoming trend of making/collecting real fur plush toys. It's no bashing or flamewar site. If you agree that animals should not be killed and decreased to a toy for human's fun, you should have a look at that site (this is not about taxidermy in general, even if some people pretend those real fur "plushies" would be for artistic reference...).

Yes, I think real fur plushies/toys are morbid and disgusting.
Yes, I personally will never support fur farms in any way.
Yes, it's my personal opinion, and I will stand for it.
Yes, I know it's a moral issue.

If you want to call me "ignorant / selfish / closed-minded" because I am against supporting fur farms and treating animals without any respect, then feel free to. This is not about a general matter of taste, but involves killing for fur, and I will surely continue speaking (not flaming) for those who can't do it themselves.

The topic is way too extensive to put it in a few words, and I also know that not all real-fur-proponents are the same (so I do not want to generalize). So please just read the website if you're interested.

Flamewars, attacks and insults in this journal will be hidden.

Website was set up by :iconalphaki:


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ART STATUS - May 12, 2009

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- My personal characters (Tani, Savoy, WeuUkoo Wolves) - NO.
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- Anonymous (random, un-named) characters - YES, if credit is given.

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- Please see my DA journal (some lines above). My current art status is clearly listed there. Free requests are never available.

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- I am sorry, daily browing my fav list already takes a lot of time. I can't take a look and comment every picture you point me to, least of all reading a complete story. Please understand that I choose myself which galleries I watch.

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Of course, fanart is always an honour and very much appreciated. :)


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