I like my animal friends alive!

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A website against the upcoming trend of making/collecting real fur plush toys. It's no bashing or flamewar site. If you agree that animals should not be killed and decreased to a toy for human's fun, you should have a look at that site (this is not about taxidermy in general, even if some people pretend those real fur "plushies" would be for artistic reference...).

Yes, I think real fur plushies/toys are morbid and disgusting.
Yes, I personally will never support fur farms in any way.
Yes, it's my personal opinion, and I will stand for it.
Yes, I know it's a moral issue.

If you want to call me "ignorant / selfish / closed-minded" because I am against supporting fur farms and treating animals without any respect, then feel free to. This is not about a general matter of taste, but involves killing for fur, and I will surely continue speaking (not flaming) for those who can't do it themselves.

The topic is way too extensive to put it in a few words, and I also know that not all real-fur-proponents are the same (so I do not want to generalize). So please just read the website if you're interested.

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bubak's avatar
I feel I am gonna get banned soon.
BloodNoteBook's avatar
i am against any killing animal for their fur but if its already dead by natural causes that's alright. I o not support you if they are killing animals for there fur, but its your choice not anyone else's so don't listen to others go with your own choice:-)
astrawolf's avatar
i normally wouldn't swear on da but, that is fucking horrible and i am going to kill people!! :backstab: i have lots of stuffed animals, but none of them have real fur. i am now really mad, grrrrr!!
snowleezard's avatar
The animal couldn't care less what is done with it after it is dead. What is important is letting the animal have a good life, wild animals should be left wild, pets should be treated well, and farm animals should be kept in comfortable humane conditions (like cows in pastures for example). I also believe people should minimize killing, fancy toys are not important enough to justify killing an animal.
MamaLucia's avatar
Wolfforce58 seems to have a point -- that these were never meant as "toys" in the first place. You are NOT going to find them at ToysRUs.

I like my animal friends alive, too, but you can rarely get close to them without disturbing or warping them in some way. And wild animals are just that: wild. They need to be respected and honored on THEIR terms, not ours. But the use of a fur for a teaching tool doesn't seem all that wrong. If it keeps people from going out into the wilderness and hurting the living animals there, it might well be worth it.
TaniDaReal's avatar
Toy is not neccessarily meant here as toy in a toy store. If you put a dead fox in your bed, with a pink ribbon around its neck and take photos of disturbing poses, that's very close to what I would call a toy.

And I agree, taxidermy (from naturally died animals or roadkill only) for educational reasons is something else (it might even help people getting a connection to an animal if they learn about it), I also would not consider this as bad.
MamaLucia's avatar
Still, like you, I do prefer my animals alive ... :hug:
reddringas's avatar
wait a minute, people actually DO that? I though it was a joke!

How the heck can it be cost effective to make them out of real animal fur?
GerardsHouseOfWolves's avatar
Animal fur is actually quite cheap :)
bubak's avatar
Animal life is quite cheap.
SarabiLioness's avatar
Word. Stuff like this is wrong and disgusting. I´m with you 100%
Mottenfest's avatar
Speaking out against the cruelty of animals does not automatically make us rabid PETA members. We're people that respect and care for animals, and don't like to see senseless murder supported.
TaniDaReal's avatar
I totally agree... Sadly this still seems to be a popular argument for others.
Mottenfest's avatar
Which is why I decided to post it. It makes me so frustrated that such a cop-out answer is acceptable to them.
Noder's avatar
I share your option. Why is this good for us? Do we need it? I mean, like a little boy said "Mummy, mummy, I want a plushie with real fox fur, get one for me!!!" And his mother did and... I'm shocked... I just can't imagine this happening, we have to take action. I didn't ever support even wearing furcoats, so... yeah... that's the point...
DanteAlphonseGoods's avatar
I've never heard of this before. This is truly a sad thing.
The-Dark-Sicilian's avatar
Fur farms are disgusting. The only fur I support is humanely gathered fur, such as that taken from animals that have died from natural causes. Anyone who kills an animal just so they can have a pretty coat or a cute toy is an ignorant asshole and, in my opinion, isn't worth the air they're breathing. Killing an animal for it's skin and nothing else is very different from meat animals, fur farms serve no purpose other than to slack people's greed.
Limette-X's avatar
Ich wusste nicht mal, dass es sowas tatsächlich gibt :O_o:

Meiner Meinung nach ist es ziemlich abartig sich freiwillig mit toten Tieren zu umgeben, dabei ist es mir egal ob es Jagdtrophäen sind (Geweihe und abgehackte Kö;pfe find ich z.B. genau so fies) oder für was auch immer.. der Vater meines Freundes ist Bio Lehrer.. der hat einige ausgestopfte Tiere zu Hause.. und egal ob Lehrer oder nicht, die mehr oder weniger dekorativ rumstehen zu haben find ich trotzdem irgendwie krank..
AzhuresJewels's avatar
Well I might as well throw my 2-cents in ^_- I dont agree with fur farms or deliberately killing an animal just for its fur. I think that is wrong. But if you kill an animal for its meat and use the fur for whatever purpose that is fine, if an animal died of natural causes (or roadkill, even though that sucks royally for the animals) and the fur is used..once again fine.

If these are the reason an died and the fur is used I dont see a problem, 1. its not being wasteful and using as much as the animal as possible, 2. in a way it can be considered respectful since you are honoring the dead animal by immortalizing it
GerardsHouseOfWolves's avatar
Meat from fur farms is put into cat and dog food :)
AzhuresJewels's avatar
oh that is excellent! so nothing goes to waste ^_^ that makes me happy
GerardsHouseOfWolves's avatar
Groovy ^^ Not many people against fur farms realise this fact X)
AzhuresJewels's avatar
well now that I know that I have nothing against it
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