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Signs of the Zodicat

Yay, bad pun again. ;P

Poster print, 50x50cm (~ 20x20 inches).

:target: Limited: 5 posters
Poster will be available at: AnthroCon, Eurofurence :aww:
Jumbo prints will be available soon.

Now have fun with guessing what is what. ;P
Done with Photoshop.

Link to the Zodidawg version: [link]
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MainecoonLena's avatar
I'M snow leopard Sagittauris, woo hoo! 
GrummanF-14's avatar
Yay I'm a Cheetah(Libra the Scales)
MeteorstarTheArtcher's avatar
Hey, look at me, I'm a clouded leopard with a fish in it's mouth! I hope it's salmon. Carol Wink emoticon Carol Happy Emoticon 
Bloodfun2585's avatar
I'm a Gemini OuO
oscura1452036's avatar
come on! I touch to cancer lynx
XxSaridxX's avatar
I'm Pisces, So The Black Jaguars. :3
RubytheKatt's avatar
The black jaguars are Gemini, I think that Pisces is the clouded leopard holding a fish in it's mouth
CaseyDecker's avatar
This picture you've done based on the zodiac signs looks very nice and clever for sure, and I happen to be an Aquarius! :D
metta117's avatar
Scorpio is in heat
Dokamii's avatar
Wow that's right on the money with the Cheetah on Libra. I love Cheetahs! And it gave me an idea on the type of character I want. c: You have inspired me with your Scholf (I really don't know how to pronounce it really. e.e) I love your art. <3
arcadunato's avatar
yo who else picese?!
ShadowsCries's avatar
Which sign is for Capricorn?
Angel-Wolfe137's avatar
capricorn is the cat to the right of the very bottom
ShadowsCries's avatar
The one holding its tail?
ShadowsCries's avatar
Aw. Im adorable~
arcadunato's avatar
the cat w/ the crab on the tail.
nekophoenix's avatar
Pretty sure that's Cancer. Cancer is the crab.
thebigwolflion's avatar
Good picture! ;) im Sagittarius its your fursona snow right?
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