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Schnolf - Corporate Identity

I finalized my Corporate Identity. =)
You will also find this icon as watermark on future pictures.

My artist name will of course stay TaniDaReal, but the "Schnolf Design - Anthropomorphic Artwork & Creations" will be my corporate identity concerning projects, websites, marketing, etc.

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Love this, we are having a logo Competition for our club, the black grey tamaskan club on facebook. Any hints or tips, I've never done any digital art before and have NO idea how to, I'm looking for inspiration from black wolves, but I'm struggling.
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Must look cool on a T-shirt
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i should make a website since im learning how to in school. You are like my mentor in drawing because im learning how to be more free with my art even though it changes so much. thank you :) Schnolf and Solf, btw i had the idea drawn and in my head since fifth grade and now im a freshman in highschool. Solf is a sabertooth and wolf and i still need to draw her parents. dad is saber mom is wolf ;) hope it sounds good everyone i just recently re thought of drawing her parents. for more message me or go to my page and look around but thanks again Tani/Schnolf
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how did u make the costumes?!
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thank u thank u!how long will it take?and i'm a diff size....
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It depends on how good/quick/skilled you are. It can take only 1 or 2 months if you're working on it very hard, but it can also take up to several months.
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i need a coperate identidy, neonblack is a witty name but very unorginal. i want to be something that I'm the only one, then everyone copies my name for bands or usernames.
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-SCHAUT COOL AUS!! Ich liebe es!
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What does schnolf mean anyway? :? lol
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Schn + olf is a mix of the German words:
Schneeleopard (snow leopard) + Wolf :) So a Schnolf is a snow leopard-wolf hybrid. ^^
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Extremly cool.
Great desing.
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Wow, awesome. It would make a great car decal.
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Nice one!
(It would make a perfect tattoo too)

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Nice design. It should work very well as a water mark!
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this looks really cool :)
great job on it
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aww thats cool =)
I need to something like that,
I just can't settle on a design >_> lol

Us artist are our own critics *_*
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very nice i like it u did great
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