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LJ mood theme - snow leopards

Okies, so here is my LiveJournal Mood Theme "Snow Leopards" for you. :) It's free for use, I just kindly ask to respect the copyrights.

• Includes 2 versions - for black and white backgrounds
• Free for use as LJ mood theme ^^
• If using as avatars, please give little credit
• Please provide your own webspace for uploading

:target: Limited Jumbo Prints are available :)
Please check my journal or send me an email.

Click Download for the zip file
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...I can't exactly describe the awe I'm feeling right now in words.
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Thank you, downloading, will credit!
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WOW, love it. Will use it, of course with credit. *thumps up*
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incredibly awesome. Thank you, I love them.
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oh my gosh, snow leopards! <3 I've been looking for these for ages, especially since my fursona's a snowie now :D
Gohin's avatar
ooh.. that's a fantastic work :D
thanks a lot :)
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I would LOVe to use these! :D so.. I can use them at messenger? it would describe my days very easy :P
TaniDaReal's avatar
Yes, that's fine for me. ^^
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Very cute! *Purrs and cheers for snow leopards.* Just commenting to let you know I'm kidnapping the furballs for my LJ. And will put your links on my sidebar and profile when I get them put in. Thank you for making them and sharing!

My LJ-- [link]
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These are really wonderful! I have an LJ but I'm not sure how to use this as the mood theme; can you give some tips? I tried going to mood theme editor but they asked for URLs.

Thanks and good job!
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You have to upload the mood icons to a webspace first so that you can link to it. There should be several free services who offer free webspace.
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Wow, these are adorable. Besides that they are so animated, you can see the movement even thought they're holding still.

Would I be allowed to copy/edit these, to make them look more like my fursona, and then use them on LJ?
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Hm, I am sorry, I don't really like people altering my art.
It is OK to use them as reference if credit is given (means drawing the pictures yourself), or using them as mood theme (unaltered).
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Yeah, I meant that I'd re-draw them (pretty much borrowing only the pose and expressions) since I myself gave no talent with mood and facial features. Might learn something while I'm at it. XD
TaniDaReal's avatar
If it's for learning (and credit is given), that's fine. :)
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i would like to use this on my LJ sometime ^^
TaniDaReal's avatar
Sure, go ahead. :)
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thanks ^^ you did an excellent job on them
aww tani these are so adorable
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Oh my gosh! YES!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! :heart: :heart: :hug:
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Oh wow, thanks! You're awesome! Snow leopards are one of my favourite animals, and these rock.
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Yay for Free Tani-Stuff!
I love how you do emotions like this. :)
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Is it ok if I use some of your mood pictures on my DA account on or other webpages, which I will list reference to if permission is granted, as long as I give the proper copyright respect to you in my page......I'm one of those who'll make a link reference or button along with proper thanks and credit given to you in my page.

p.s. I also want to list you as an inpsiration on my page when it is up and fully running and I might want to place some photos there along with other furry artists who will recieve proper mention.

[sorry so formal XD]
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