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Freedom, Justice, Equality

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Freedom, Justice, Equality.
Together we are strong. There is no place for racism.

Black Lives Matter.

(yes, all lives matter. Why BLM?
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oworoseuncornuwuNew Deviant

this is awsome!

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oworoseuncornuwuNew Deviant

also awsome message!

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Vulpes-lagopus21Student Traditional Artist

This is really sweet....love the message, too! :D

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stalkinghooves2New Deviant

awe he's adorable :D

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lynx318Hobbyist Digital Artist

So many forget the LA riots which started with protests over the Rodney King mess. Ultimately nothing good was achieved, just more racial hatred, more division. Proof is here and now as we are seeing it repeat. Tag line should be DEATHS IN CUSTODY SHOULD BE STOPPED. That's the real priority and it should be presented by individuals who move into politics to fix this from in the system.

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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist

Too cute! :aww: !!! Love their expressions. :heart: !!!

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CedarBeeHobbyist General Artist

Right on!

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NeilCPettwayHobbyist Filmographer
Okay, for the people who are claiming "All Lives Matter," you MUST take this into acknowledgement of what it mostly means and how it is more of a detriment than being encouraging. I'll try to see if I can make this argument more clearly and understandable...
Say for example: Someone is injured and in need of assistance quickly. But then someone comes along and says, "don't you mean that we all need help too?"
Or if (the most popular example used) a house is burning, but cannot be treated unless the entire neighborhood is hosed down.
THAT'S what All Lives Matter mean.
It's a no brainer/common sense that all lives do matter, and yet to this day minorities are still being treated like their lives don't (particularly blacks). If all lives matter, then why are most African Americans are being oppressed into poverty and being confronted as a threat for most of the time by authority (which it turns out, the "police" originated as racial enforcers to keep slaves and black people in line). Of course, black people are not the only minority to face this kind of oppression, but most have never been so rampant as blacks.
I know that some of you have good intentions for the the term, but "All Lives Matter" is mostly being used to avoid the particular problem to confront and in a way degrades it further.
Ask yourselves: if someone protests SAVE THE WOLVES (or some other endangered species, etc.), would you don't mind of it or reply back "Why not save all the other animals of the forest?"
All Lives DO Matter, but your race are not the ones in constant and particular danger at the moment, are they?
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VegaBone Digital Artist

Good work tani.

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JoakahaHobbyist General Artist

Nice! ^^

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NothingImpossibeHobbyist Digital Artist

The cops were punished, very quickly, so quickly a few people in the court system even commented on it. Yet people are saying its not enough, and keep looting, keep rioting, keep assaulting others. This "protest" if you can even call it that, is not about what happened to Floyd, if it even was to begin with. There's no justice in burning and looting stores, no justice in destroying police departments and blocking roads. All this is doing is making the divide between the public and police even wider. And it infuriates me people are excusing criminal activity because a man was murdered.

Edit: I should clarify. As a statement I agree “black lives matter” as an extension of all lives matter, as a political movement I cannot. Its done nothing but bring destruction and hate to every place its gone, and its people do not represent an even remotely satisfactory solution, demanding everything and giving nothing in return.

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Indeed. But then again, I heard the riots are being done by people who are using the incident as an excuse to commit such acts in order to push their agenda or cause chaos.

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Fortiz21New Deviant
Well said
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SiberianSpiritHobbyist Photographer

Wow, Tani became such a shill its unreal. First Corona-virus artwork, now this.

PS: Animals have no race. They are animals. Not humans.

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perfesser-bearHobbyist Writer

If everyone was the same (color) the world would be a boring place. If you haven't read Ursula K. Le Guin's The Lathe of Heaven, she touches on exactly this question.

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Madarao123Hobbyist Photographer

Hate sadly will never go away. I wish it would to. Yet it's only a matter of time until some other dip-shit cases the next big issue. Damn...at the rate 2020 is going, we ought to end this year with a new war breaking out. Out a nice bow on this present full of shit XD

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ALL lives matter ! :handshake:

Love the picture !

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Nice work but isn't something missing?

Not all heroes wear capes
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Spike-McFinnHobbyist Traditional Artist

Right on, dudes!

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Great work. How's things going?

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Awesome, you well good job.

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LionkingCMSLHobbyist Digital Artist

No, ALL lives matter!

It doesn't depend on any one characteristic, everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

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