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Portugal Walking Tours

The second of three new Delilah Dirk "Travel Posters."
(Previously: Verdant Enlgand [link] )
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Fantastic Blueberryesque work!
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these posters are amazing
Robertwarrenharrison's avatar
Oh WOW....sooooo good!
very nice color contrast!
timpu's avatar
Amazing job.
Love how this looks.
ArchiCrash's avatar
Brittish soldiers, Portugal.....I'm flashing back to the last time I read a Richard Sharpe book....

Great work on the figures!
Robotpunch's avatar
Kiwi-tan's avatar
Excellent color scheme!
aberry89's avatar
Nothing Delilah can't get out of ;) I love these posters so much, making me itch like crazy for the next part of the series though!
gamehengraphics's avatar
Ha! Love this one. :D
scrii's avatar
Absolutely love the contrast of colours and the hierarchy of details :)
TangoCharlieESQ's avatar
Ha ha, that is a strange compliment, but thank you! I think I know what you mean?
scrii's avatar
Haha oops, I'm not even sure what I was talking about! Gotta stop writing at that time of day. I think I just meant how it gets more detailed in the foreground :)
TangoCharlieESQ's avatar
Hey, no worries. Thank you! I hadn't even considered that aspect.
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This is wonderful!!
thegryph's avatar
Beautiful! I love all the travel posters. :)
TangoCharlieESQ's avatar
And they love you. Thanks!
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very awesome design, i love how you simplify the color in this one
KtObermanns's avatar
This is gorgeous and incredibly intriguing! I can't wait for the next book! :heart:
TangoCharlieESQ's avatar
Thank you kindly! The wait might be long, but it'll be worth it. (He says, knocking on wood.)
KtObermanns's avatar
I don't think ANY of us have doubts that it'll be worth it- Turkish Lieutenant is still one of the most beautiful books I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Take whatever time you need!
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