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I'm so lost,
I've never felt so alone
Everything I thought was mine is gone.
December was a welcomed trend
But met a very fitting end
So where's what I prided myself on all along?
So now I watch the sun, it's setting,
And I just cannot keep forgetting
All the wrongs that I've endured
Still, I feel I can't be cured
Still, phantom memories linger
And weight me down
Everyone points the finger
Giving me the wrong-doers crown.
So slander me, on your cross in effigy
Make me suffer pain and misery
I'll have the last laugh… wait and see
Around each corner, there I'll be
Waiting for apology,
Wondering, when does mercy come
Go ahead, march to your own drum
Drums can still be out of time
And whenever you step out of line,
I won't laugh, nor throw a slew of insults
That would make me just like you
I'll leave you to you devices and defaults
Cause that's not what you'd expect me to do.
But still, I have other things to tend
Other wounds I need to mend
To keep a true and earnest friend
I must admit m
:icontangocharlie:tangocharlie 0 0
My shadow's quite a funny thing,
it stays behind my back.
But yet I trust it to put in front of me,
everything that I lack.
I might lack grace,
but hell if I care.
Thats not even up on my list.
I might lack the life that I loved, longed to live by
I might lack the will to start cutting my wrist.
But just cause i won't shed a drop of blood for it,
doesn't mean I don't care.
Cause still I remember the feeling of sitting, and sweet, softly, smelling your hair.
It might seem tiny, or even a bit strange.
But it is normal to me,
and every day that I miss that same feeling,
is like watching part of my shadow run free.
Like maybe it's missing an arm or a leg,
maybe a glove or a shoe.
But its definately missing it's soul,
cause that part left, along with you.
:icontangocharlie:tangocharlie 0 0
Talk down to me please,
talk as low as you can.
Make me more of a child,
and less of a man.
I'll fall to my knees,
or proudly I'll stand.
Whether the ground beneath me be water or sand.
It won't matter much cause I won't let that by me,
You want it like that? Come on then, try me.
:icontangocharlie:tangocharlie 0 1
Faith is such a tender thing,
Like the tips of a diamond wing.
Like sounds of angels singing praises,
Same with all the hell it raises.
Size shows no deciding factor,
except who bombs who fast or faster.
Wars over religion? What the hell,
Just cause your oil doesn't sell?
Stand strong on the hill of battle,
Keep your tail in line with others.
Be the snake, commit the rattle,
Kill your faith, destroy your brothers.
:icontangocharlie:tangocharlie 0 1
Crack and Cocaine
Alone, but never by myself,
Rent is due before the 12th.
News is on, two more were killed.
Another Mcdonalds is built.
Murder is a crying shame, but
much worse is smoking mary jane.
Same old shit a different day.
And everything still stays the same.
Maybe if you ignore it, it will go away.
So march your fucking cash parade,
from factories and lemonade.
Down some other road or alleyway,
to pay for coke and medicaid.
Cause its the same old shit,
on a different day and everything still stays the same.
So make it go away.
Keep fighting in your wars.
Back your "selfless" crime.
While Reaity TV and Riddalin raise your only child.
Be your own american idol.
    Buy your oil by the barrel, from the oil mines,
while the pump until the earth runs dry.
Cause that shit ain't gonna fly.
:icontangocharlie:tangocharlie 0 1

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