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After the Rain by Tango-the-Hedgehog After the Rain :icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 6 0
One Day I'll Tell You
One day I’ll tell you
Look in your deep eyes
With tears in mine
And let the words
The pain
The fear
The anger
The confusion
Tumble free from my
Broken heart
And into your
Open ears
Open arms
Open heart
But I can’t tell you yet
For the time isn’t right
Though one day I’ll tell you
For you’ve won my heart
One day I’ll tell you
- K. U. (a.k.a. Tango)
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 1 0
By a Single Thread by Tango-the-Hedgehog By a Single Thread :icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 1 0
Trying to capture this beast of whim
This free spirit within
Chain it down
Hold it fast
‘Til fertility from it springs at last
And pours out unbound
Leaving no word from it unfound.
But this beast is strong
Strong as the stormy gale
At the height of its fury
So tame it with caution
And condition it with care
That creativity and passion
Will be its fruit to bear.
-K.U. (a.k.a. Tango)
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 0 0
Life Anew by Tango-the-Hedgehog Life Anew :icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 2 0 Sunset Maple by Tango-the-Hedgehog Sunset Maple :icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 3 0
World of Winter
Twilight dawns
As a snowy orb forms slowly
Over the frozen horizon
As the countless flakes fall
Shining and gleaming
Brighter than the sun
Against the blackness of the void
Which dances with the flurry
And shivers with the cold.
Cool and crisp
Ever the free-fall
Of the icy diamonds
As they rush down
To earth
And burn away with a single touch
Lying in silent wait until dawn
For the next legion
To fall
-K.U. (a.k.a. Tango)
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 0 1
Sonic Universe #70 Script Rewrite: Page 11
PANEL 1: Large panel. ROUGE and OMEGA burst from the trees, grim. RELIC and FIXIT follow closely behind. RELIC eyes the scene with horror.
1)    OMEGA
       You couldn't have come up with something more original?
2)    RELIC (aside - smaller balloon)
PANEL 2: ROUGE scowls as she screw kicks ECLIPSE from SHADOW. Behind her, OMEGA fires several rounds of unsuccessful shots at the DARK ARMS. KNUCKLES tenses, ready to spring at ECLIPSE. RELIC and FIXIT cower fearfully at the edge of the wood, out of range of the fight.
3)    ROUGE 
       Well, unless you can come up with something better!
4)    OMEGA 
       Gladly: Digest my pyrokinetic retribution
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 0 0
Sonic Universe #70 Script Rewrite: Page 10
PANEL 1: ECLIPSE leaps, throwing himself into SHADOW's middle, and essentially flying into him. SHADOW is knocked backward and off of the DARK ARMS.
PANEL 2: The duo crash onto the ground next to the Master Emerald. SHADOW is flat on the ground, snarling indignantly. ECLIPSE crouches, one foot on SHADOW's chest as he grasps the hedgehog's neck in a choke-hold. ECLIPSE screams in anger.
       Don't you dare hurt my Dark Arms!
       You've hurt me enough!
       Die, brother!
PANEL 3: Smaller panel. KNUCKLES rushes toward the Master Emerald, a wild smirk on his face.
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 1 0
Sonic Universe #70 Script Rewrite: Page 9
PANEL 1: Small panel. Sprawled on the ground, ECLIPSE grimaces as he spreads his hands. CYZER slips out of ECLIPSE's left arm. His head and face are solid while the rest of his body remains liquid-like as it escapes ECLIPSE. ECLIPSE prepares to 'absorb' the liquefying BLURK.
PANEL 2: ECLIPSE has transformed into his BLUE ARMOR power, and raises his arms to block a punch from KNUCKLES. KNUCKLES shouts furiously. Behind ECLIPSE, SHADOW is hit by the alien's tail, causing a Chaos Spear to fragment in his hand, unused.
       Dark Arm Power: Armor!
        Get. Off. My. Island!
B)    SFX (Shadow/tail impact)
2)    SHADOW
PANEL 3: Low an
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 1 0
Texture by Tango-the-Hedgehog Texture :icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 1 0
Sonic Universe #70 Script Rewrite: Page 8
PANEL 1: Low shot. We stand in front of Team Dark, RELIC, and FIXIT. ROUGE breaks into a run, grim and determined. The others follow just behind her.
1)    ROUGE 
       "That" is our boys.
       Let's try to hurry before they completely destroy each other.  
2)    RELIC 
       Of course.
       I know I'm repeating myself, but... 
PANEL 2: Cut back to Azure Lake Zone. ECLIPSE spins on his heel to face SHADOW, who is heading for the Master Emerald. ECLIPSE's tail follows the circular motion and smacks KNUCKLES. KNUCKLES grimaces as he is thrown into a tree a few feet away. A RED motion trail follows KNUCKLES. 
    TEXT BOX (blue - Relic) 
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 1 0
Sonic Universe #70 Script Rewrite: Page 7
PANEL 1: RELIC looks to TEAM DARK questioningly. ROUGE is slowly getting to her feet and wears a tired, yet calculating expression.
1)    RELIC 
       What shall we do, now that the Master Emerald is gone?
       We have nothing left to defend.
2)    ROUGE (thin, wavering balloon)
       We need to find those two thick-headed idiots and sort things out, first of all.
       Then, we need to find Eclipse and take the Master Emerald back before he escapes with it and does what it is he does.
PANEL 2: FIXIT looks enthusiastically to ROUGE. ROUGE stands up fully, facing RELIC. RELIC looks at the ground and scuffs her foot in embarrassment. 

3)    FIXIT 
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 1 0
Sonic Universe #70 Script Rewrite: Page 6
PANEL 1: FIXIT gives a humble bow in OMEGA's direction while the latter approaches ROUGE and RELIC.
1)    FIXIT 
       A pleasure to be of service, sir.  
2)    OMEGA 
       Are you badly damaged?
PANEL 2: OMEGA cups his huge 'hands' around ROUGE's shoulders, not quite touching, but nearly. ROUGE grits her teeth. RELIC places a hand over her mouth, anxious. 
3)    ROUGE (thin, wavering balloon)
       Just m-my shoulder...
       Can you...?
4)    OMEGA 
       This will hurt.
5)    ROUGE (thin, wavering balloon
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 0 0
Sonic Universe #70 Script Rewrite: Page 5
PANEL 1: Cut back to Team Dark at Shrine Isle. RELIC supports ROUGE, who writhes in agony on her knees while she clutches her right arm. RELIC looks anxiously to FIXIT. FIXIT repairs OMEGA nearby with screwdrivers, wrenches, and other general construction materials pulled out of his rear storage pack.
1)    RELIC
       Are you nearly finished, Fixit?
2)    FIXIT 
       Yes, ma'am.
       Only a few more minor repairs.
3)    RELIC 
       Please hurry, dear.
       Rouge is going to need the large robot as quickly as possible to fix her shoulder.
PANEL 2: RELIC turns her anxious look on ROUGE, inquiring. ROUGE’s face i
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 1 0
Sonic Universe #70 Script Rewrite: Page 4
PANEL 1: We sit on SHADOW's shoulder as he struggles through the dense woods. Up ahead, we can just make out a clearing and a small creek, as well as extremely vague silhouetted shapes of ECLIPSE, the DARK ARMS, and the Master Emerald.
1)    SHADOW 
       Is everything all right?
PANEL 2: SHADOW snarls with annoyance over his shoulder at KNUCKLES, who is punching and kicking his way through the undergrowth. KNUCKLES is closing in on SHADOW.
2)     KNUCKLES 
       Thought you could fool me, eh?
       GET BACK HERE!! 
PANEL 3: SHADOW grimaces as KNUCKLES leaps onto him from above, almost knocking him over. We are nearly upon the clearing, and we can se
:icontango-the-hedgehog:Tango-the-Hedgehog 0 0


White Mood by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov White Mood by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 252 2 Waterway to frozen lake by Pajunen Waterway to frozen lake :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,530 144 Kalanchoe flower by Pajunen Kalanchoe flower :iconpajunen:Pajunen 668 99 Matinkaari bridge by Pajunen Matinkaari bridge :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,269 141 Linkin Park - Living Things 2012 by filippodlc Linkin Park - Living Things 2012 :iconfilippodlc:filippodlc 26 5 Menosgada by MartinAmm Menosgada :iconmartinamm:MartinAmm 268 12 AERIAL by MartinAmm AERIAL :iconmartinamm:MartinAmm 204 10 autumn morning by kriakao autumn morning :iconkriakao:kriakao 191 20 Misty forest by NetRaptor Misty forest :iconnetraptor:NetRaptor 108 12 Misty valley - landscape practice by NetRaptor Misty valley - landscape practice :iconnetraptor:NetRaptor 54 14 Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK by Mim78 Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK :iconmim78:Mim78 237 83 autumn flame by augenweide autumn flame :iconaugenweide:augenweide 108 0 Asriel by BelieveTheHorror Asriel :iconbelievethehorror:BelieveTheHorror 769 122 Moonrise by MartinAmm Moonrise :iconmartinamm:MartinAmm 172 16 North Karelia by Pajunen North Karelia :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,712 317 Thunderstorm above Helsinki by Pajunen Thunderstorm above Helsinki :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,422 273



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