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Arid Red Cliffs

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Terragen 2 and World-Machine terrain.

This scene is available through my website
Go visit the Blog section to find Terragen tutorials and this complete scene for download and leave a message :)
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Thanks :)
Terrain is 8k here.
You can download this whole scene + terrain + masks from my websites.
Download is @ 4k resolution though, otherwise it would become too big, unfortunately.

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Very detailed terrain. This is amazing!
I wonder what the resolution of terrain?
I think I didn't reply to your comment specifically using the reply button, so did you see the reply below Alexy?
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I still read the answer. :)
8k is too big resolution. I did not apply in Bryce resolution more than 2k. The maximum possible 4k. Otherwise, the scene takes up too much space on disk and in memory.
If you wish to have the 2k version of this terrain then just let me know and I'll upload it for you seperately, no problem :)