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A cliff somewhere in Oceania

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Hi everyone,

This render shows 13 models from the new Oceania bundles of XFrog.
The 2 grass populations are from NWDA.

I'd like to thank Stewart for letting me have a good with these very nice bundles :)
More to come of other new bundles soon.

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inkydigit's avatar
great job of showing off these very cool models, Martin!
that cliff ROCKS!
Ghehe thanks Jason :)
If you like I can share the file with you so you can have a look/play?
inkydigit's avatar
thanks Martin... I am up for that!
I'll pm you my email addy
slepalex's avatar
I am most impressed with this rock. It is made in Terragen? Very realistic relief and texture!
Lighting, reflections and refractions in water is perfectly also executed.
Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)
Indeed, the rock has been made in Terragen. It's a standard heightfield which is displaced.

Do you also use Terragen sometimes besides Bryce?
You have quite some very good Bryce works in your gallery!
slepalex's avatar
I tried Terragen 0.9 several years ago. But didn't come back any more to it.
Perhaps, in the presence of time I will try Terragen 2. :)
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