When you lose a best friend

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When we said friends forever and
crossed pinkies like grade-schoolers,
I could only believe those words
lodged in your heart
like they did mine

because every time I think back
I can't help but remember the
late-night conversations
under star lit constellations,
and study sessions where we
learned more about each other
than we did Biology  

but now it's clear
that each beat of your heart
has made those words fade,
and you could care less
about crossed pinkies

but I'll still see you,
and hear your voice
and I'll still wish
the meaning hadn't changed-
like you.

Time changes a lot of things, but I guess that is how we grow.
Stay rad cuties! :heart:

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Good poem, because where most DeviART poems are about sh***y topics, yours seems to have elements of something better, something more, I can't place upon it, but yours is about a sad break-up, and presentably clean to read.
  Clean-house-drawing-53 by Jon99N2018  
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Heh this really connects to me. Thanks.
I "had" a friend, my first friend, and my only BFF. She was all I ever wanted to be, someone who stands up to the world, and most of all taught me to fight with my heart, instead of my fists...she never said goodbye and neither did I, cause goodbyes are forever....I guess that's why I fell in love with her, even if she was just friends with me to be nice cause I was alone all the time.

Sorry, I just couldn't get that off my chest. Thank you again for this. Really made me remember all that I've gained from what I lost. This really made my day!
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This actually means a lot more to me now than when I first read it because now I've lost that friend.
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Awe, so sorry to hear that! :heart:

Best of luck, and sending positivity your way! :hug:
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I think you might actually be a mind reader
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Awe, hope the poem helped! :heart:
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It did. It was two years ago but brought back memories...
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This happened to me a couple of years ago, and recently happened again with someone else. Very touching and very accurate.
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Thank you!!! Hopefully the poem helped somewhat!
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wow this hits me 
Tangled-Tales's avatar
Glad it did, sunshine! :hug:
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Thanks darlin'!!! :hug:
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This hits really close to home for me. Amazing work!
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Aw well hope it helped!!! ^.^ Stay wonderful!!!
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*thumps chest over heart then raises hand to a salute* i have experienced this first hand, i remember her, she forgot me.....*bows head* i will never forget, never Waaaah! 
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- sniffle - I-I'm not crying... - cries -
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Aw, cheer up buttercup! :) You deserve positivity! :)
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Very touching poem. You did excellent with this. :)
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THANK YOU DEARIE! :D You are the sweetest! :)
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You are very welcome. You seriously deserve loads of kind comments and appreciation for this, haha. :3
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Wow, that touched me very much. I lost my best friend a while ago. I still think back about how we used to do things together. Very nice poem, by the way :)
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Aweee, glad it touched you! Hope you are doing well, and thank you so so much! :D Stay wonderful!
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Yeah, I'm better. No problem :) And thanks ^_^
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