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Ending -CoaDG-
These are my confessions
written with fury
in the dark, one by one
And leaving my hand aching
in its wake
The writing mostly ineligible
like my thoughts
But it helps
Washes away the grime
that has built of my heart
Now starting to beat again
:icontangerinestardust:TangerineStardust 1 2
Tears -CoaDG-
Flowing almost daily
Or not at all until the heaviness
is too much to bear
Who taught me to do this?
Bottle up my emotions
Lock away the key to my heart
This self self-contempt
What happened to my boldness
Why has it been replaced with timidness?
I wish just once I'd open up
Show the world what I'm really feeling
Go back to my childhood
when sharing was easier
:icontangerinestardust:TangerineStardust 0 0
Release? -CoaDG-
My bare wrists shimmer in the dim light
I think of their innocence
The purest part of my body
I can see my life's blood flow under the skin
And so they remain unharmed
Even with these thoughts of self-contempt
My release is through art I say
But why then
Do I keep myself vent up?
:icontangerinestardust:TangerineStardust 0 0
If I Had to Choose -CoaDG-
If I had to choose a death
I'd die like Ophelia
Maybe it is morbid but it
fills me with a sense of peace still
Use the water for my death
Entangled in natures grip
And I would drift away
My soul making it's exit
:icontangerinestardust:TangerineStardust 0 0
Restless -CoaDG-
Outdoor light drifts through the window
allowing me to release my restless mind
I can feel the cool night air
and a sort of strange longing
It tells me to throw open the window
push the screen from its frame
and leap out flying away over the river
But this is reality
My body would just break on the ground below
And despite knowing this my longing grows
So I sit staring out at the trees and lamps and river
Wondering what I'll do next
:icontangerinestardust:TangerineStardust 1 0
Confessions of a Dead Girl
Confessions of a dead girl
wanting to find her life
Each telling brings her a spark
of realizing her goal
Releases her just a tiny bit
Delve into her mind
:icontangerinestardust:TangerineStardust 0 0
On her nightstand she transcribed her inner turmoil
Depression battling hope
Hope battling depression
She hid away the message
Simply. Effectively.
Ready to leave behind the nasty thoughts
See her world with a little light
See the world outside her own
But in the end she couldn't do it alone
The nasty thoughts would creep back in
Her head barricading itself with headaches
As if trying to mask the thoughts with migraines
So she sits in her room
Waiting. Watching. Wondering.
Wondering if someone will reach out
No condescending or judgmental tone
And help her rescue herself
:icontangerinestardust:TangerineStardust 0 0
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United States
Current Residence: Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: No specific genre. Just specific artists.
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Hello all! Sorry of my long absence away from, well everything really(even my phone! D:). As an explanation I really haven't been feeling well, either sick or depressed, and I haven't had anytime to rest, with work and school and whatnot. so I really haven't done much on the computer. Also, I haven't had the desire to...despite all this I'm beginning to make an appearance again. However, here on DA I've made a new account, please add it, I'll be deleting this account in a week or two. My new account can be found here:
Thanks. :)


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briannamal Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya, Milky! Thanks for the watch! ^_^
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r u from mene?
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Yes. Le Miilky. :3
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thankies for the walch im so not worthy of it
but it does make me smile ^^
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-huggles back-
:p You are too. ^^
But I'm glad you're smiling!
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This is a message to all the deviants on my watchlist: I changed accounts. If you wish to continue watching me, add to your watchlist project-snapshot.

Thank you.
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thanks a bunch Hun for your fav
TangerineStardust Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2008  Student
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